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Best Valentine's Day Bashes
Posted On 02.13.2009 01:47pm  - (0) comments
New York Best Valentine's Day Bash #1: Body Fridays at Body Lounge Bar & RestaurantFriday, February 13Body is known for being a sexy party in Uptown Manhattan and for Valentine’s Day, it’s no exception.  Be prepared for over 14 music genres pumped by DJ’s Camilo, Kast-1, and more.  Plus, our guestlist gets ladies in free until...
The Top Memorial Day Weekend Parties
Posted On 05.18.2009 03:40pm  - (0) comments
There’s nothing like getting a Monday off. What many nine to fivers think is, “Yes! Another day to sleep in.” But let’s be real, getting an extra day off on the weekend is not about getting rest, it’s about partying people! That’s why nocheLatina has made it a point to bring to you the best parties in all the major cities. Don’t worry about...
The Top 4th of July Weekend Parties
Posted On 07.02.2009 08:00am  - (0) comments
On July 4, 1776, the Continental Congress signed the Declaration of Independence, putting the 13 colonies on the road to freedom as a sovereign nation. Blah, blah, blah – translation? – 233 years later we still have a reason to party! Not that we don’t appreciate our founding fathers, but instead of reading up on historical documents this holiday,...
The Top Labor Day Weekend Parties
Posted On 09.04.2009 11:37am  - (0) comments
It’s finally here everyone. That’s right, the weekend we’ve all been waiting for after we wrapped up Memorial Day weekend…Labor Day weekend. That means one more night to party, one more day to sleep in, and one more day to soak in the hangover agony of our debaucherous nightlife antics. If you’ve stayed tuned in the recent weeks, then you’ve...
The Top Black Friday Weekend Fiestas
Posted On 11.25.2009 10:01am  - (2) comments
Thanksgiving weekend is a favorite party weekend for thousands of college students around the nation, as well as many nine to fivers that make the trek back home for mom’s good home cooking. But everyone gets a little tired of hanging out with family all the time, which is why we all have good ol’ Black Friday, the one day out of the year that all...
Noche Buena: The Ultimate Christmas Weekend Party Guide
Posted On 12.17.2009 11:13am  - (1) comments
:: : NEW YORK : :: Top Christmas Weekend Party in New York: Christmas Eve Parranda Navidena Dinner with Yerba Buena @ Sofrito When it comes to posh Latin hot spots, this Manhattan favorite can’t be beaten. Resembling a Meatpacking District club, Midtown’s Sofrito is famous for their welcoming ambiance, mouthwatering Latin dishes,...
Your Ultimate Super Bowl Weekend Party Guide
Posted On 02.02.2010 05:03pm  - (0) comments
Super Bowl Sunday is coming up and everyone will be looking for the best spot to watch the game in. However, who says there's nothing else to do this weekend? Don’t be a sore loser and instead, discover the crème de la crème of Super Bowl fiestas this weekend. Almost every venue that that has plasmas will be tuned in to watch the Saints and...
Noche de Amor: The Top Valentine's Weekend Fiestas
Posted On 02.12.2010 11:06am  - (3) comments
:: : NEW YORK : :: Top Valentine’s Day Party in New York: The Love Boat-A Valentine’s Seduction Cruise @ Circle Line Cruises Pier 83 Spend the most romantic night of the year dancing under the stars and overlooking New York City! Circle Line Cruise’s newest ship is ready to set sail this Saturday evening and will feature two separate...
Q&A Sessions: Robbie Rivera
Posted On 02.16.2010 01:03pm  - (0) comments
One of the biggest names to come out of Miami in the electronic dance music world is Robbie Rivera. Getting his big start in 2000 with his hit “Bang,” Rivera is now one of the most notable names in the genre, playing some of the biggest EDM hotbeds around the world, as well as producing one of the most popular events during Miami’s annual Winter...
The Top 10 Winter Music Conference 2010 Fiestas
Posted On 03.23.2010 01:33pm  - (1) comments
The time has come for Miami to turn into a hotbed of music, sex, drugs and celebration as Winter Music Conference is finally here! People have been waiting for this week since the events ended in 2009, but this coming Tuesday night the colossal electronic dance music event begins, and this year is set to outdo all previous years. There are...
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