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Celebrate Mexican Pride in New York City
Posted On 09.16.2010 01:31pm  - (0) comments
New York City is full of festivals, but the 7th Annual Celebrate Mexico Now and the 3rd Annual Authentic Mexican Restaurant Week are a giant Latin soiree, showcasing contemporary Mexican art, culture, and cuisine. They kick off on Thursday, September 16th and continue until the 30th, featuring a myriad of events located in Manhattan and...
Toloache: A Fresh Mexican Breeze in Gotham
Posted On 10.14.2010 01:42pm  - (0) comments
A blur of restaurants plague Manhattan’s Theater District, but for Latin fare before seeing a show, Toloache provides a festive and friendly Mexican experience.  Chef Julian Medina impresses with his mouthwatering cuisine, standing out in a neighborhood of glitz and glamour. Despite the gaudy purple banner and neon lights that signal to...
Casa Mezcal: A Latin Oasis for Social Drinkers
Posted On 10.21.2010 11:33am  - (0) comments
No matter where you are in the East Village, it’s difficult to resist visiting this three floored venue that pays tribute to agave. Casa Mezcal, gracing downtown Manhattan with its majestic space, provides an endless supply of the smoky liquid called none other than mezcal. While many are familiar with Casa Mezcal, few know that the spirit...
Score Sweet Treats this Halloween Weekend
Posted On 10.29.2010 01:08pm  - (3) comments
Can’t get enough of spooky spirits for the scary holiday? Don’t be frightened-we have more dangerously delicious cocktails to sip and savor! Halloween isn’t just for kids, so don’t be tricked and instead, treat yourself to candy-infused cocktails from some of our favorite hot spots. Festive partygoers planning to dress up and get down this...
Sweet and Savory Delights: Agua Dulce NYC
Posted On 11.18.2010 01:00pm  - (0) comments
The crazy streets of Times Square are transformed into a world of Miami-esque hues and tantalizing Latin fragrances the moment you walk through the doors of Agua Dulce, a Pan-Latin restaurant in midtown Manhattan. The service at the hostess desk is slower than a New York minute, but once you get to a table in Chef Ulrich A. Sterling's dining room,...
Getting to Know Poet Charlie Vazquez
Posted On 11.22.2010 01:16pm  - (0) comments
As a young boy in The Bronx, Charlie Vázquez would spend his summers listening to older girls from Puerto Rico share ghost tales from their homeland.  On a hill thick with fireflies, the group would tell these stories, which were unlike anything Vázquez had ever heard before. “I remember glimpses of them and they were kind of corny, but...
Cocktail of the Week: Dulce De Leche
Posted On 11.24.2010 11:47am  - (0) comments
Could you believe that the last time we savored a creamy caramel cocktail was back in October 2009? No wonder we’re still thirsty for Argentina’s most mouthwatering import. Dulce de Leche is a rich, velvety, and lip smacking treat that one shouldn’t have to wait once a year just for a taste. Fortunately, Haru Sushi in Manhattan, the same spot that...
An Evening with Venezuela: El Cocotero NYC
Posted On 11.25.2010 01:42pm  - (0) comments
Through the thick red curtain swaying in the entrance of El Cocotero lies a cozy cantina in Chelsea made up of traditional Venezuelan cuisine. Its low lit and adorned with the national flag, palm trees, ceramic, and Venezuelan trinkets celebrating the pride of a Latin spirit. A tight space filled with rustic wooden tables and faux-hacienda roof...
An Evening with Dayana Mendoza
Posted On 12.02.2010 10:48am  - (0) comments
With a flick of her long dark brown hair and a twinkle in her piercing hazel eyes, 24-year-old Dayana Mendoza enters her favorite restaurant in New York. The staff of El Cocotero instantly greets one of their favorite patrons. Luis, the restaurant manager, throws his arms around her and in the fastest Spanish tongue, expresses his excitement...
The Conga Room: A Latino Legacy in Nightlife
Posted On 12.02.2010 11:33am  - (2) comments
Don’t call it a club, it’s a cultural statement. In 1997 Brad Gluckstein started the original Conga Room on Wilshire with the simple mission of giving audiences the best in Latin music. Years later he has accomplished that goal and more. Located in the heart of Los Angeles, where Latinos comprise an impressive 48% of the population, The Conga Room...
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