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Give Thanks with Cabana Punch
Posted On 11.25.2010 01:38pm  - (0) comments
Today is Thanksgiving and before we devour plenty of mouthwatering dishes, we’re going to celebrate with punch, the official cocktail of the season. In time for the holiday, spirits guru David Wondrich has released a new book, Punch: The Delights (and Dangers) of the Flowing Bowl, and trust us, you won’t get enough of it! But enough reading, let's...
Cocktail of the Week: Mexican Cosmopolitan
Posted On 12.01.2010 11:44am  - (4) comments
We couldn’t help but wonder why did the classic Cosmopolitan ever go out of style? Maybe it had something to do with Manolo-obsessed Carrie Bradshaw, but leave it up to Latinos for bringing this light, vodka-based concoction back in fashion. Unlike the Cosmos from the HBO hit series “Sex and the City,” the Mexican Cosmopolitan adds some much...
Welcome 2011 with a Bloody Maria!
Posted On 12.31.2010 11:03am  - (0) comments
Ringing in the New Year is always a blast…until the next morning. Popping bottles before midnight is unforgettable and so is that dreaded hangover. Fortunately, January 1st isn't just New Year’s Day, it’s also National Bloody Mary Day. That means we can easily refresh ourselves and keep the celebration rolling with a spiked holiday lunch! Whether...
Cocktail of the Week: New Year Refresher
Posted On 01.04.2011 02:03pm  - (0) comments
The ball dropped and bottles were popped, 2010 came and went. Now that the New Year is upon us, it’s time to make sure those resolutions are kept. Whether you want to fit into those dangerously skinny jeans in time for spring or prefer having a life beyond Facebook, there’s no wrong way to make 2011 yours. For us, we want to try the best cocktails...
Cocktail of the Week: Warm Winter Margarita
Posted On 01.12.2011 10:03am  - (0) comments
Cool tropical beaches, crisp afternoon breezes, golden rays of sun warming our skins, and ice cold margaritas-is it summer yet? Sadly it’s not, but fortunately, you don’t have to hibernate for several months just to taste one of our favorite seasonal treats. No matter how sizzling hot or bone chilling cold it gets, Margaritas will also be in...
Cocktail of the Week: Cherry Passion Martini
Posted On 01.19.2011 10:03am  - (0) comments
Are you daring enough to sip on an ice-cold elixir during the bone chilling months of winter? It may sound more painful than pleasurable, but don’t let the menacing weather deceive you. Partying on a Saturday night guarantees that you’ll be breaking a sweat, which means that those steaming spiked drinks won’t quench your thirst the right way. When...
Cocktail of the Week: The Hurricane
Posted On 01.26.2011 10:03am  - (0) comments
With the weekend soon upon us, what better way to stir up some commotion than by making this classic cocktail? The Hurricane was created during World War II when whiskey was in low supply and liquor suppliers forced bars to buy up to 50 cases of rum at a time. The owners of Pat O’ Brien's in New Orleans then decided to...
Cocktail of the Week: Exclusiv Valentine
Posted On 02.09.2011 11:10am  - (0) comments
Are you holding a champagne flute right this second? If so, push it aside. For Valentine’s Day, woo your sweetheart with an alluring, sweet twist on bubbly, also known as the Exclusiv Valentine. This love elixir, provided to us by mixologist Daniel Seelbinder, made us fall in love at first sight with its bouquet of roses alone. Best of all, the...
Cocktail of the Week: Bossa de Beehive
Posted On 02.16.2011 11:45am  - (0) comments
Last year, we first told you about how one simple ingredient you already have at home is key to creating some of the most luscious cocktails you’ll ever savor during happy hour. If you’re still craving for honey-inspired concoctions, then get ready to satisfy your sweet tooth because we have a smooth, rich, and heavenly elixir that’s just too good...
Cocktail of the Week: Crystal Rockin' Lemonade
Posted On 02.23.2011 10:34am  - (0) comments
Lemonade used to fall into two categories: the kind you sipped from paper cups during recess at age 8 and the saccharine syrup of the Mike's persuasion that you grew out of at 19. Fortunately, there's a new cocktail that's driving Sin City wild: Las Vegas' own  Crystal Rockin' Lemonade. This newest addition to nightlife is...
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