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Cocktail of the Week: Best Aphrodisiac Drinks
Posted On 09.22.2010 11:50am  - (5) comments
Need some inspiration to get it on? Transform your bar into a love den and get ready to shake things up. Everyone knows that certain foods, like bananas and avocados, are eaten to increase one’s stamina, but what about aphrodisiacs in the form of drinks? Alcohol already reduces one’s inhibitions, which is why leading bartenders are incorporating...
Search for the Most Beautiful Latina!
Posted On 10.06.2010 01:03pm  - (0) comments
If someone tells you that they're hosting a competition to find the most beautiful Latina in the world, you would drop what you're doing and go be a part of it, right? If so, make Sin City your weekend destination pronto! Las Vegas is known for hosting beauty pageants and sexy lady searches on a weekly basis, but when the actual name of...
Cocktail of the Week: Painkiller
Posted On 10.13.2010 10:03am  - (0) comments
Everyone gets a little down as summer fades, and even though Columbus Day brought us a little joy with plenty of sales to stock up on nightlife couture, we’re still feeling the dread of the steamy season‘s end, at least until now. Haru, one of New York City’s most notable sushi bars, has debuted their newest cocktail, named the Painkiller, to beat...
Toloache: A Fresh Mexican Breeze in Gotham
Posted On 10.14.2010 01:42pm  - (0) comments
A blur of restaurants plague Manhattan’s Theater District, but for Latin fare before seeing a show, Toloache provides a festive and friendly Mexican experience.  Chef Julian Medina impresses with his mouthwatering cuisine, standing out in a neighborhood of glitz and glamour. Despite the gaudy purple banner and neon lights that signal to...
Casa Mezcal: A Latin Oasis for Social Drinkers
Posted On 10.21.2010 11:33am  - (0) comments
No matter where you are in the East Village, it’s difficult to resist visiting this three floored venue that pays tribute to agave. Casa Mezcal, gracing downtown Manhattan with its majestic space, provides an endless supply of the smoky liquid called none other than mezcal. While many are familiar with Casa Mezcal, few know that the spirit...
Score Sweet Treats this Halloween Weekend
Posted On 10.29.2010 01:08pm  - (3) comments
Can’t get enough of spooky spirits for the scary holiday? Don’t be frightened-we have more dangerously delicious cocktails to sip and savor! Halloween isn’t just for kids, so don’t be tricked and instead, treat yourself to candy-infused cocktails from some of our favorite hot spots. Festive partygoers planning to dress up and get down this...
Cocktail of the Week: Bellringer
Posted On 11.03.2010 10:34am  - (3) comments
Whether you’re a celebrity mixologist who only prepares the finest elixirs for Hollywood starlets or the average bartender serving ice-cold cervezas at the local watering hole, there’s one ingredient you can’t be without. Like it or not, any well stocked bar needs orange juice or you can expect a lot of angry fashionistas raising hell over missing...
Louie Vega Returns to Miami
Posted On 11.11.2010 01:39pm  - (0) comments
The Vagabond is synonymous with great music, cheap drinks, and one of the best overall atmosphere's you can find in Miami nightlife. Their Friday night party continues to bring in hoards of people on a weekly basis, but it's their Saturday night party, "Back Door Bamby," that's reached legendary status. Owner Carmel Ophir has cultivated...
Getting to Know Poet Charlie Vazquez
Posted On 11.22.2010 01:16pm  - (0) comments
As a young boy in The Bronx, Charlie Vázquez would spend his summers listening to older girls from Puerto Rico share ghost tales from their homeland.  On a hill thick with fireflies, the group would tell these stories, which were unlike anything Vázquez had ever heard before. “I remember glimpses of them and they were kind of corny, but...
Cocktail of the Week: Dulce De Leche
Posted On 11.24.2010 11:47am  - (0) comments
Could you believe that the last time we savored a creamy caramel cocktail was back in October 2009? No wonder we’re still thirsty for Argentina’s most mouthwatering import. Dulce de Leche is a rich, velvety, and lip smacking treat that one shouldn’t have to wait once a year just for a taste. Fortunately, Haru Sushi in Manhattan, the same spot that...
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