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Love This Club!!!
I Love this Club and the Women There!!! I have been going here on a Regular Basis Since 2004.
Not Eduardo
You are wrong. People don't have a right to comment about their experiences, IF it is a lie. That is why we have slander and libel laws. Tell the truth about everything.

Slander is defamation (a lie) by the spoken word. Libel is in writing. The newspaper, a magazine, and now the internet. Tell a lie, even if hiding on a computer, and the victem can get a judge to order the ip address to be given up by the website. That person can then be found.

If the damage is large enough (read that, hurting someone's income) and the author could have to pay large damages. How does that effect you. By hurting the income of a business, by hurting the income of a dancer, you could be responsible. How would you like to have your name in the paper or on the internet for that.

If your experience is the truth you do have the right to comment. Tell a lie and remember this is a very lawsuit filled world. Even if you don't have money, they could go after what you do own and anything you could ever earn.
People have every right to comment about their experience at this Club.
Not Eduardo
Hey, Eddie. It's THEIR. Not there, for both times you used there. And sorry, people don't have the RIGHT to lie. It's a choice of stupidity.

I'm sure you used your real name on a web site about strip clubs. Because everyone who posts a "name" instead of an ID like "regular" or "club goer" is truthful.

The cowards are those who post lies about nice people.
People have every right to comment about there experience at this Club. For those people who are posting comments with out there names, You all are a bunch of Cowards...
Tell the Truth
Been going to Sugar Daddys for a long time. I get dances from a lot of girls, Allie and Zoe too. They have been very nice to me and I know a lie when I read it. If either of those two hot ladies asked to meet me outside the club I'd do it in a second. And yes, I'm young enough, good looking enough and rich enough so that they would ask me before you jerks. So don't try to say you turned them down. Keep thinking you're something, because no one else does.
Hot Dancers
You losers sure are thin skinned. Both Bridget and Zoe talked to me tonight. Both gave me a hug, talked to me for a long time too. And didn't even ask for dances. Did you smile at Bridget? Did you say hi to her. Probably just an oversite on her part. Bridget is far from snotty or rude. Give her another chance, if she does it again, you have just cause to be upset. Until then lighten up.
Snotty Dancers
I tipped Bridget tonight while she was on stage, She did not even say Thank You, or Hi... She was extremely rude to me while dancing on stage tonight.. I will never give Bridget another dime.
Favorite Club
I love this club. Really hot girls. Starr. Tyler, Jasmine, Nikki and yes, Zoe. Saw two new little hotties last night. Candy and Malibu. Yummy. The girls of SDs have always been nice to me. But I'm not an ass to them. Sure those (or one loser) who are complaining never talk to a manager about anything. I'll be coming back for more.
Time for Change!
...I think they should fire Zoey, Jada and replace them with some college girls. Jada, is boring and nasty, she should have been fired a long time ago. Zoey is arrogant and rude to various customers, including myself on Several Occasions.
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