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Pelicula Spotlight: Nude Nuns with Big Guns
Posted On 11.17.2011 08:11am  - (0) comments
The title of this film perfectly describes what it’s all about. If you happen to be a Latino who grew up in a Catholic household then you’ll either feel like going to confession or happily live in sin after watching this action packed flick. Nude Nuns with Big Guns, screened at this year’s New York International Latino Film Festival, is all about...
Pelicula Spotlight: America
Posted On 11.10.2011 08:00am  - (0) comments
If you’re seeking a dramatic story featuring a celebration of familia and courage, then the intensely flick, America, a highlight from this year’s New York International Latino Film Festival, is for you. America tells the story of a young Puerto Rican woman (Lymari Nadal) who must leave her abusive husband, along with everything else that she...
Pelicula Spotlight: The Custom Mary
Posted On 10.28.2011 08:56am  - (3) comments
As one of the most anticipated films from the New York International Latino Film Festival, The Custom Mary, directed by Matt Dunnerstick, is perhaps one of the oddest films to be presented this year. With an interesting blend of sci-fi influences, Christian themes, anti-corporation sentiments, and biting social commentary, the movie is a...
Pelicula Spotlight: Rubble Kings
Posted On 10.20.2011 08:14am  - (3) comments
Before gentrification, 9/11, Bloomberg policies, and Metrocards, New York City in the late ‘60s to early ‘80s was faced with a crumbling economic system that propelled the five boroughs into chaos. With no viable prospects, no hope, or future, many of the barrio kids took to the streets, forming their own world where the law of the land was dealt...
Pelicula Spotlight: The Thing
Posted On 10.13.2011 11:57am  - (0) comments
Taking place three days before the events of the original 1982 film, The Thing, this 2011 prequel explores how one Norwegian and American scientific team discovers a parasitic alien that, as the name implies, can mimic any living thing. Like the original, The Thing will pit man against man as it tries to escape its arctic prison and infest the...
Pelicula Spotlight: The Way
Posted On 10.06.2011 10:52am  - (3) comments
For many years the Camino de Santiago (The Way of Saint James) has been a must-do for many Catholics. Most recently, the pilgrimage has become a personal journey where people from all over the world come to walk for many different reasons. In the latest film by writer/director Emilio Estevez, The Way, showcases the profound effect and natural...
Pelicula Spotlight: Magic City Memoirs
Posted On 09.29.2011 08:01am  - (3) comments
Many times the perception and reality of Miami can get blurred. Television shows similar to “Real Basketball Wives” and music videos filled with half naked women can, at times, cause some to believe that Miami is a one sided city. In fact, there are many nooks and crannies that are not necessarily hidden, but awaiting to finally be revealed. This...
Q&A Sessions: Zulay Henao
Posted On 09.27.2011 10:53am  - (3) comments
Zulay Henao—yes, that is her real name—is a Colombian native who is living the American dream. She has officially made it as one of Hollywood’s leading ladies and continues to successfully hold her own alongside several top acting giants. A woman has a strong sense of faith, Henao believes in staying strong and positive. Perhaps she gets that from...
Pelicula Spotlight: Adios Mundo Cruel
Posted On 09.22.2011 12:17pm  - (0) comments
Filmmakers worry if their work will translate well with international audiences. Adios Mundo Cruel (Goodbye Cruel World), a Mexican entry from this year’s New York International Latino Film Festival, definitely attracts American audiences with ease. A black comedy with a hidden, inner statement on the effects of the worldwide recession, Adios...
Pelicula Spotlight: El Regreso
Posted On 09.09.2011 11:32am  - (0) comments
Families can sometimes give us the worst headaches possible. Being in their presence can strike such an intense migraine that you can’t help, but want to escape them. This scenario was greatly illustrated in Hernan Jimenez’s award winning film, El Regreso, one of the many highlights from this year’s New York International Latino Film Festival....
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