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A La Moda: Spring Some Life into Your Beauty Routine
Posted On 03.14.2011 12:00pm  - (1) comments
Are you ready for this season’s hottest looks? One of the most notable and exciting trends on the spring 2011 runways last year was the modern use of bright eye shadows and lipsticks. In the past, spring was reserved for pastels, pinks, and light makeup application. This year, it’s all about taking bold, beautiful leaps with color that is...
Love and Glamour: A Noteworthy Scent for Spring
Posted On 03.11.2011 10:38am  - (0) comments
Celebrity perfumes may come and go, but Puerto Rican pop superstar Jennifer Lopez’s fragrance empire, like her aromas, seem destined to last forever. It was 2002 when the famous entrepreneur launched her first scent, Glow, and since then, she has earned more than $1 billion in sales alone. In fall 2010, Lopez launched her 16th fragrance,...
A La Moda: Bare Naked Baby
Posted On 03.07.2011 01:39pm  - (0) comments
Spring is only a few weeks away and that means many of you are getting ready to break out the skirts and shorts in time for warmer weather. In order to show barely there ensembles in style, one must figure out how they are going to remove that unwanted winter layer. When I say layer, I don’t mean that extra ten pounds that magically appears after...
Behind the Seams: Victor De Souza
Posted On 02.28.2011 10:15am  - (0) comments
Fashion is truly an art form and an expression of one’s creativity, passion, and unique viewpoint of the world. Many of the top designers have made their fortunes around creating a signature look that strongly speaks to a certain demographic, ultimately creating lifelong fans and loyal customers. Victor de Souza is a highly respected designer well...
Shape Up for Winter Music Conference
Posted On 02.24.2011 10:20am  - (0) comments
A universal misconception when aiming for a superior body is that you can either eat healthy or work out. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In order to achieve your goal figure you must do both. A healthy diet and physical activity not only progress your physical image, but also your mental health. When you imagine a perfect body who...
A La Moda: Get Naya Rivera’s Silky Locks
Posted On 02.22.2011 11:00am  - (0) comments
There’s no way around it: dry winter weather equals damaged, lifeless hair. In order to combat these dreaded effects, one must invest in a highly emollient, nutrient-rich conditioner that softens and nourishes brittle locks. Recently, I had the fortunate opportunity to try out an amazing conditioner by Cantu. It's a rinse-out conditioner, which is...
A La Moda: Sweater Weather
Posted On 02.15.2011 10:59am  - (0) comments
Although many of us are breathing a sigh of relief for the temporary break in cold weather, we are not completely out of the woods as spring is a good month and a half away. With bouts of cold, windy days ahead, you need to keep your winter wardrobe handy. One of the best ways to dress for the cold climate and still look chic is with a great...
A La Moda: Valentine’s Day Gift Guide
Posted On 02.07.2011 10:48am  - (0) comments
Every year in early February, men and women across the country begin to feel that nervous twitch take hold of them as the idea that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. What do you get the person you’ve only been dating for three months? How do you top last year’s Valentine’s Day surprise? Is lingerie appropriate or will that be sending the...
Behind the Seams: Alejandro Ingelmo
Posted On 01.31.2011 10:33am  - (0) comments
Shoes are more than just accessories or something your throw on to finish your look. For many women, they are the catalyst for one’s entire sense of style and a beautiful way to make a bold statement. A well-crafted, gorgeously constructed shoe can take a woman’s look from sweet to sexy with just the repositioning of a strap or the heightening of...
A La Moda: Channeling Christina Milian
Posted On 01.24.2011 11:43am  - (0) comments
With winter in full swing, my beauty routine has minimized greatly. The main products I use are lotions, skin creams, and exfoliators so that I can keep my skin looking and feeling its best through the freezing days. One celebrity I’ve been admiring lately is Cuban singer Christina Milian. No matter the season, her skin is always looking flawless....
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