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A La Moda: Fabulous Fall Beauty Trends
Posted On 09.12.2011 08:05am  - (2) comments
Okay chicas, it’s time to put away your shimmery bronzers, coral lipsticks, and cream eye shadows. It’s time to start preparing for fall. The sun is setting on summer beauty, which means autumnal trends are on the horizon, ready to make its entrance. As with every seasonal transition comes a direct change in looks. This fall, beauty takes a cue...
A La Moda: Transitional Style 101
Posted On 09.06.2011 11:02am  - (0) comments
The summer season is almost over, which means it’s time to put your bikinis, tankinis, and monokinis away and break out those sweaters, boots, and jeans. Summer to fall style can be a bit tricky since there are bound to be a few days in September and even October that are still sizzling hot. With the right tips, you’ll be able to navigate this...
Behind the Seams: Chantal Sauvignon-Soto
Posted On 08.29.2011 09:02am  - (0) comments
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but when it comes to Hollywood, it’s in the hands of the celebrity makeup artists. Chantal Sauvignon-Soto is one of Hollywood’s leading makeup artists and lives to make every woman feel her most beautiful and glamorous. Born and raised in The Bronx, this Dominicana got her start in the world of beauty working...
A La Moda: Who Wears Short Shorts?
Posted On 08.22.2011 08:26am  - (0) comments
Now that the summer is finally winding down, there are only a few weeks left for you to rock your sexy shorts without looking completely out of place. From now until Labor Day Weekend, I suggest you pull out your favorite shorts and pair them with sandals, tank tops, and even your favorite platform heels for summer nights. Here are three different...
A La Moda: Creating a Sexy Pout
Posted On 08.15.2011 08:08am  - (0) comments
Lip gloss is a must-have summer beauty item. It’s small, easy-to-use, and gives lips the right amount of dazzle and shine, which works well during those steamy nights. Since the heat limits how much makeup you can wear, lips take center stage and that means you need to show them off with the right gloss. One of my favorite glosses has to be...
A La Moda: Summer Stylin’
Posted On 08.08.2011 08:10am  - (0) comments
Casual and sexy is what we’re all going for when it comes to styling our hair during the summer season. From poolside party hair that can be tossed over your shoulder with ease to waves that are lightly tousled by the fresh ocean breeze, we all want carefree tresses. Check out three of the easiest summer styles that will keep you looking and...
A La Moda: Let’s Get Wet
Posted On 08.01.2011 08:22am  - (0) comments
August is finally here, which means we’re in the dead of summer and temperatures are estimated to hit the ‘90s on a daily basis. With heat indexes rising every day, how does a chica keep her beauty game on point? The answer is with waterproof makeup! There are tons of great options out there that will help keep your look from sliding south so you...
Behind the Seams: Dolores Cortes
Posted On 07.25.2011 11:26am  - (1) comments
Sexy swimsuits are always a must and whenever the weather warms up, the desire for a fabulous bikini or a super modern one-piece hits a fever pitch. Enter Dolores Font Cortes. Until recently, her designs were only sold throughout Europe, but after her showing at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Miami last year, the American market is clamoring...
Club Fashion 101
Posted On 07.21.2011 12:32pm  - (0) comments
Summertime is all about being flashy, fashionable, and of course, entertaining; showing others that you have style and swagger like no other. Yet, being ostentatious can come across as tacky and aloof especially, in a club setting where you are judged based on your attire and demeanor.  Don’t fret just yet because we’ve come up with a banger...
A La Moda: DIY Beauty
Posted On 07.19.2011 12:52pm  - (0) comments
Glowing, gorgeous skin may seem like an expensive goal, but there are affordable ways to achieve a balanced, even complexion without breaking the bank. Ditch the high-priced creams, serums, and injections. Instead, opt for some simple yet effective at-home skin care treatments. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to obtain flawless skin. Here...
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