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Q&A Sessions: Derek Santiago
Posted On 11.08.2011 10:04am  - (2) comments
“Does my art move you?” asks Derek Santiago, a mixed media artist from The Bronx. That’s his personal measure of success as an artist. The self-described “cultural remixer” has done just that to people all over the world with his futuristic/retro pin-ups of curvy, exotic beauties. He’s worked for such powerhouses as Levi’s, Target, and Dreamworks,...
A La Moda: The Feather Trend Takes Flight
Posted On 11.07.2011 12:29pm  - (0) comments
Lately, fashionistas everywhere have been flocking to their favorite boutiques just to snag some feathers for their hair or jewelry. Where did this trend come from? According to reports, this new must-have got its start in Colorado where fly-fishing reigns supreme. It’s been said that the wife, daughter, or girlfriend (depending who you...
Celebrate Dia De Los Muertos
Posted On 11.02.2011 08:05am  - (0) comments
When people think of Day of the Dead, images of cemeteries, skeletons, or anything by George Romero comes to mind. However, Day of the Dead, or Dia De Los Muertos, is a 3,000-year-old Mexican custom celebrating the departed souls of loved ones returning to earth. Not only is this commemorative holiday celebrated in Mexico, but all over the world...
A La Moda: Last Minute Halloween Tips and Tricks
Posted On 10.31.2011 11:47am  - (0) comments
It’s officially Halloween and you’ve just received a last minute invite to a costume party. If you didn’t plan in advance, you might be stressing the situation. No problema! Here are some simple tips that will help you throw together the perfect costume pronto. 1. Take inventory within your very own closet. Many times, there are several...
A La Moda: Beauty, Halloween Style
Posted On 10.24.2011 08:27am  - (0) comments
Halloween is here and that means it’s time to create the ultimate costume! Whether you’re opting for the traditional choices or want to be more daring, one area that you should never scrimp on is your makeup. Halloween beauty is about being over the top and taking everything to the tenth power. In honor of this festive holiday, here are three...
A La Moda: Get Your Halloween On, Celeb Style!
Posted On 10.17.2011 08:18am  - (0) comments
Halloween is a mere week away and that means if you haven’t already picked out a costume, now is the time to narrow down your ideas and make a final decision. This year, there are countless options to choose from. If you want to go the easy route, traditional costumes like nurses, cheerleaders, pirates, and vampires are no-brainers. For those of...
A La Moda: Layering 101
Posted On 10.11.2011 11:45am  - (0) comments
As the temperatures continue to drop, there’s a definite need to dress for the cooler climate. During this time of year, nights can transform from relatively warm to nice and cool, even chilly. The best way to handle the rollercoaster weather during the fall season is to dress in layers. Here are some items every chica needs in her...
A La Moda: Fall’s Top Hair Trends
Posted On 10.03.2011 08:06am  - (0) comments
This fall, hair trends are heading in a sophisticated direction, which is perfect with this season’s ultra-feminine fashions and accessories. Even though I am not one to let trends guide every aspect of my style, it does help to see what’s current and contemporary when looking to update my look. Here are three of the top hair trends for fall....
Behind the Seams: Candela
Posted On 09.26.2011 08:04am  - (0) comments
Candela may not be a household name yet, but Gabriela Perezutti, the designer behind the notable label, is working hard to change that. Known for her exquisite tailoring and craftsmanship, Perezutti has taken her love of design and catapulted herself into the limelight with a gorgeous Spring 2012 collection that debuted at Mercedes Benz Fashion...
A La Moda: Seasonal Skincare 101
Posted On 09.19.2011 08:00am  - (0) comments
If you’ve been guilty of lying out in the sun this summer while slathering your skin with oil or lounging poolside in your favorite bikini as the sun drenched you from head to toe, I’m pretty sure you’re in need of some advice on how to treat your skin as we move ahead to fall. Transitional skincare is one of the topics many of us began to...
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