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A La Moda: Sexy Summer Steps
Posted On 07.11.2011 12:46pm  - (0) comments
One of my favorite things for summer when it comes to shopping is buying new summer shoes. Sandals, slides, flip-flops, and wedges, they’ve all got one thing in common – open toes. I love to show off my fun summer pedicures in bright, bombastic shades of fuchsia, coral, and even electric blue. Celebs like Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Lopez, and Eva...
A La Moda: 4th of July Beauty Tips
Posted On 07.04.2011 08:29am  - (0) comments
Today is 4th of July, which means everywhere across this vast country, people are celebrating our national day of independence. There are barbecues, pool parties, cookouts, rooftop bashes, fireworks, and picnics raging on the entire weekend. With temperatures soaring into the 80’s and 90’s across most of the country, wherever you’re planning on...
Behind the Seams: Angel Sanchez
Posted On 06.27.2011 08:49am  - (0) comments
Gorgeous gowns, bridal attire, and dramatic dresses are the hallmarks of Angel Sanchez’s fashion empire. As one of the most celebrated designers in the bridal category, he has single-handedly created a cult-like following that includes celebrities and fashion-obsessed fans alike. Beyoncé, Eva Longoria, Gisele Bundchen, and America Ferrera have all...
A La Moda: Be Bronze and Beautiful
Posted On 06.20.2011 08:23am  - (0) comments
Whether you’ve been doing it poolside or on the beach, you must use protection when getting that tantalizing tan! When baring your skin to the sun, you are exposing yourself to harmful UVA and UVB rays, which can cause cancer and other skin disorders. But what happens when you’ve slathered yourself with a quality suntan lotion that features SPF,...
A La Moda: Sunglasses 101
Posted On 06.13.2011 08:14am  - (0) comments
One of the first items that come to mind when talking about summer fashion is a great pair of shades. Whether you like to rock classic aviators or prefer an oversized pair as perfect by Jackie O, there are a multitude of styles and shapes available to try out. In order to pick out the best shades for your personal style, you must first figure out...
Tantalizing Tips for Sexy Summer Hair
Posted On 06.09.2011 08:07am  - (0) comments
Summer is officially here, which means teeny-weeny swimsuits, tanning oil, and lots of exposure to the sun, wind, and sand. During the summer, our hair care needs ramp up due to constant changes ranging from humidity to salt water. Whether we like it or not, the summer season really takes a lot out of our hair! In order to get the best result when...
A La Moda: Bikinis, Monokinis, and Sarongs, Oh My!
Posted On 06.06.2011 08:03am  - (1) comments
Now that the summer season is officially here, there are tons of opportunities to flash some skin. This means that it’s time to seriously toss that old worn-out black one-piece and upgrade to something sexy. In order to navigate the world of swimwear, you must first explore your options before picking the best one that suits your figure. Test out...
A La Moda: Summer Staples
Posted On 05.30.2011 08:11am  - (0) comments
Summer is in full swing which means you’ll be preparing for weekend getaways to the beach and prepping for pool parties. Whether you’re vacationing in Miami like Eva Mendes or hitting the beaches of Cannes a la Salma Hayek, you need to be prepared for the various beauty challenges that the summer season presents. From sunscreens to lip stains and...
Behind the Seams: Alexa Rodulfo
Posted On 05.23.2011 08:05am  - (0) comments
If you want to get to know the woman behind the eponymous home fragrance brand Alexa Rodulfo, you’ll have to start with sampling one of her exquisitely crafted candles at your next get-together or brunch. Although Alexa Rodulfo may not be a household name to many, her high-end home fragrance line is on the “must-have” list for several A-list...
A La Moda: Summer-Proof Your Beauty Look
Posted On 05.16.2011 08:21am  - (0) comments
Humidity, soaring temperatures, and even air conditioning all contribute to looking less than beautiful during the steamy summer season. Whether your favorite cream shadows are creasing, your hair is frizzing, or your favorite fragrance is fading, here are some excellent tips on how to keep your makeup, hair, and fragrance on during those warm...
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