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Q&A Sessions: Celines Toribio
Posted On 09.06.2011 12:34pm  - (4) comments
Celines Toribio is more than just a pretty face. Not only is this Dominican bombshell a host for several internationally acclaimed variety shows in Latin America, but Toribio is also an actress and a youth mentor who dedicates an enormous amount of time helping young Latinas concentrate on their careers. She is determined to show the world that...
Pelicula Spotlight: Captive Beauty
Posted On 09.06.2011 08:57am  - (0) comments
Amidst the ashes of a country with a troubled past, Colombia has taken great strides to move forward and embark on a brighter future. So too have the four women who are the subject of director Jared Goodman’s latest documentary, Captive Beauty, which offers a unique glimpse into the lives of female prisoners set against the backdrop of the Miss...
Pelicula Spotlight: Blacktino
Posted On 08.25.2011 08:15am  - (3) comments
When was the last time you watched a teen angst black comedy where the protagonist is a bi-racial teen coming of age in Austin? Answer: never. That’s what makes Blacktino, one of the feature flicks from this year’s New York International Latino Film Festival, the most unique independent comedy of the year. It’s no wonder filmmaker Aaron Burns won...
Q&A Sessions: Gina La Piana
Posted On 07.19.2011 12:11pm  - (0) comments
Gina Martina La Piana is an actress, singer, and songwriter whose been heating up Hollywood for almost 20 years. While La Piana is famously considered as a “sexy Latina” there’s more to her than just looks. She’s also a producer in both film and music. Not only does La Piana help develop new talent, but she also has her hand in a variety...
Pelicula Spotlight: From Prada to Nada
Posted On 05.26.2011 11:51am  - (0) comments
Jane Austen’s classic novel, Sense and Sensibility, is the famous riches to rags story originally set in 19th century England, but its Latin film remake, From Prada to Nada, is based in 21st century Beverly Hills. The Dashwood sisters are replaced by Nora (Camilla Belle) and Mary (Alexa Vega) Dominguez, stereotypical snobs with a sense of...
Pelicula Spotlight: Cristiano De La Secreta
Posted On 04.14.2011 01:07pm  - (3) comments
In this Latin comedy, Cristiano De La Secreta offers laughs after laughs by poking fun at untouchable subjects considered sacred in religious-heavy Dominican Republic. But while there’s little to be offended by, Cristiano De La Secreta, which was screened at this year's Dominican Film Festival in New York City, has a quirky way of delivering its...
Best Easter Bunny Videos
Posted On 04.11.2011 08:26am  - (0) comments
St. Patrick's Day has leprechauns, Christmas has Santa Claus, and on Halloween it's all about the dressed up idiots who'll later be ridiculed by drunken pictures that surface the next morning. But when it comes to Easter, it's all about the rabbit. The spring holiday is just around the corner, but rather then give you tips on what kinds of...
Pelicula Spotlight: Washington Heights
Posted On 04.07.2011 11:57am  - (0) comments
Washington Heights is the story of an aspiring Dominican-American artist who has to decide whether to follow his dream or remain in his Latin-dominated neighborhood. While this film first debuted in 2003, it was featured at this year’s Dominican Film Festival in New York City, and with good reason. It’s a very real issue that many first and second...
Pelicula Spotlight: Chronic Faces Review
Posted On 03.31.2011 02:59pm  - (0) comments
Director Angel Vasquez’s Chronic Faces is one of those films that tries too hard to get at the heart of a problem, but is never clear on the message. Aside from not having a concise point, Chronic Faces also suffers from lack of likability. None of the characters, including a menacing drug dealer and a dirty cop, are ever believable. Not only does...
Pelicula Spotlight: Tropico de Sangre
Posted On 03.24.2011 11:30am  - (3) comments
When it comes to films that tackle the subject of dictatorship and political unrest in Latin America, Tropico de Sangre is definitely worth talking about. This movie, which was screened at the first Dominican Film Festival in New York City, chronicles the lives of the four Mirabal sisters during the violently repressive years of Trujillo’s rule in...
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