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8 House Music Songs That Need to Played More
Posted On 11.25.2012 09:05am  - (0) comments
Often times it's hard to believe there was a time before our house music. When music festivals were one weekend and everyone jammed out in General Admission. Before it exploded and when it was just a small "underground thing."  The entire genre has evolved over time taking on many different forms but it's an absolute must to go...
Gerardo Ortiz
Posted On 09.26.2012 04:37pm  - (0) comments
Gerardo Ortíz Releases his newalbum ElPrimer Ministro (in ‘Standard’ and‘Deluxe’ editions) ‘The King ofthe Corrido’ prepares his birthday concert At the NokiaAmphitheatre in Los Angeles ON SALE NOW! Los Angeles, CA (September 25th, 2012) -The upcoming birthday of Gerardo Ortíz – the King of the Corrido – isn’t the only reason he’s...
Soak in Sun and Beats this Summer on Governor's Island in NYC
Posted On 06.28.2012 03:51pm  - (0) comments
Let’s be serious: there’s really nothing better than an outdoor dance party. From festivals to roof parties, summer in NYC has its fair share. But if you realllllly want to hit that sweet summer spot, Clubplanet suggests making several, several trips to Governor’s Island. This mini isle is but a stone’s throw from downtown Manhattan and is...
5 Things You Should Never Say to a Bouncer
Posted On 03.08.2012 05:29pm  - (0) comments
Let's face it, getting into the hottest clubs isn't always easy. Sometimes it takes a little patience and a lot of sweet-talking to get that golden ticket inside. Whether you choose to shower the bouncer with compliments or even flirt your way through the door, there are a few things that definitely won't help your case. If you're looking to...
Why You Should Try Clubbing Solo
Posted On 03.08.2012 04:42pm  - (0) comments
It’s Friday night, you’ve had a stressful week, and all you want to do is paint the town red, but your crew is being lame; they’ve decided to stay in for the night. You have two choices here - stay home and watch replays of VH1’s Tough Love Miami or throw caution to the wind and enjoy the company of yourself. Flying solo is...
Cocktail of the Week: Creme Brulee Martini
Posted On 01.11.2012 08:18am  - (2) comments
Yes, we know there are New Year’s Eve resolutions to fulfill, but let’s be real; everyone needs some dulce in their lives. When those stale brews just don’t have enough fuerza to jumpstart your night and the cravings for sweet treats suddenly kicks  in, consider giving this tantalizing, luscious, and oh so decadent delight a chance. The...
Cocktail of the Week: SKYY Violet
Posted On 01.04.2012 08:07am  - (3) comments
Looking to add some more spirit and sparkle to that bottle of bubbly? Don’t fret, we have you covered. With the New Year officially here, now is the perfect time to brush up on your mixing skills by whipping up yet another champagne cocktail that’s perfect for celebrating 2012 in style. Aside from its deep royal hue, the SKYY Violet stands out on...
Champagne 101: Learn to Buy, Open, and Serve Bubbly
Posted On 12.30.2011 08:05am  - (0) comments
As the Times Square ball drops down on an ice-cold night, the endless sea of people is anticipating two things: a New Year and emerald bottles bursting with creamy white foam of France’s “celebration wine.” New Year’s Eve just wouldn’t be so joyous without raising a flute filled with crisp, fizzy champagne to leave us feeling giddy and ready...
Your Official Guide to New Year's Eve
Posted On 12.29.2011 08:03am  - (0) comments
December is slipping away. Are you falling behind on your New Year’s Eve plans? Getting started can be seriously stressful, which is why we save it to the last minute. Instead of freaking out when your friends leave you to make the final decision, make it easy on yourself. Check out our guide on how to get started planning your NYE now so you can...
Cocktail of the Week: Best Champagne Concoctions
Posted On 12.28.2011 08:02am  - (4) comments
The New Year is right around the corner and you know what that means…bring on the bubbly! Celebrating New Year’s Eve is the perfect excuse to stock up on premier champagne to welcome 2012 in style, but let’s face it, serving flutes of sparkling wine is as predictable as a crowd of tourists in Times Square. Whether you’re hosting a fiesta or...
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