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Q&A Sessions: Lucy and the Popsonics
Posted On 06.21.2011 08:30am  - (1) comments
If you don’t speak any Brazilian Portuguese, then chances are you won’t understand what Fernanda and Pil Popsonic have to say whenever they hit the stage, but frankly, you won’t care. The duo behind the wildly addicting pop punk group Lucy and the Popsonics know how to get a party started in true rock ‘n’ roll form. Their sound is the type of...
Q&A Sessions: Las Robertas
Posted On 06.07.2011 08:27am  - (3) comments
Indie rock from Costa Rica? Not too many music lovers believe that such a gem could exist in this Latin paradise, but thankfully, Las Robertas is showing the world that Costa Rica has more to offer than picturesque beaches. The group, led by Mercedes Oller, Monserrat “Monse” Vargas, and Franco Valenciano, released their debut full-length album,...
Top 10 Songs of Summer
Posted On 06.02.2011 08:06am  - (0) comments
It seems to have gone from chilly to scorching overnight, and with this elevation in temperature comes a whole new vibe in our nightlife.  Whether you’re attending a rooftop bash or showing off that swimsuit-ready bod at the beach, these beats are sure to liven up your June through August before and after the sun goes down. Top Summer 2011...
Q&A Sessions: Ceci Bastida
Posted On 05.31.2011 08:32am  - (0) comments
Even for someone who’s been in the music industry since their teens, branching out alone can be a daunting venture. Lucky for us, Ceci Bastida took the leap and released Veo La Marea, her first full-length solo album late last year – almost two decades after the release of her first album with Tijuana No!, the legendary Mexican ska/punk band of...
Fresh Beats: Diego Garcia’s Laura
Posted On 05.19.2011 10:38am  - (0) comments
For those suffering from heartbreak, Diego Garcia’s Laura may make you feel worse.  The Argentine-American’s solo debut album is drenched with sadness and bittersweet memories of lost love. Laura presents a gallop of change for Garcia, who’s the former frontman of acclaimed garage rock band Elefant.  Even so, it’s easy for Garcia to...
Fresh Beats: Hello Seahorse's Lejos. No Tan Lejos
Posted On 05.12.2011 08:02am  - (0) comments
If dreamy-quirky was a sound, Hello Seahorse! would reserve the rights to it. Their latest album, Lejos. No Tan Lejos, only proves that the Mexican indie rock band is on top of their game. Lejos. No Tan Lejos carries a heavy, often unsettling blend of buzzing electronic sounds and dream-like smoothness, all perfected by lead vocalist Denise...
Q&A Sessions: Le Butcherettes
Posted On 05.11.2011 10:54am  - (3) comments
When a band’s name translates to “the butcher women,” you may expect the group to sound harder than hardcore and hold audiences captive with intimidating lyrics that demand order and allegiance. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Le Butcherettes, led by their charismatic frontwoman and founder, Teri Gender Bender, deliver edgy, progressive...
Fresh Beats: Polock’s Getting Down From The Trees
Posted On 04.28.2011 08:42am  - (2) comments
Is your current music playlist suffering from overkill? On the look out for that next new band that’ll make you wonder where they’ve been all your life? Then you need to check out Getting Down From The Trees, the debut album from Polock, the latest group to emerge from Spain’s indie music scene. After a couple years spent touring their native...
Q&A Sessions: Gustavo Galindo
Posted On 04.26.2011 11:03am  - (0) comments
When you’ve been branded as “the next Juanes” before you’ve even dropped your first album, it’s safe to say you have a promising career ahead of you. Gustavo Galindo caught the attention of fans and industry veterans alike in 2007 with the release of a five-song CD, titled La Ciudad. In March, the Mexican-born singer debuted his first full-length...
Fresh Beats: Los Amigos Invisibles’ Not So Commercial
Posted On 04.21.2011 11:25am  - (0) comments
Los Amigos Invisibles have practically re-invented Latin funk with a tongue in cheek style that also marks them as seriously gifted artists. They deliver the fun, all while also providing tight bass lines, drum beats, and psychedelic rhythms. As a follow-up to last year’s Commercial, the Venezuelan band is getting loose once again with their new...
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