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Q&A Sessions: Hello Seahorse!
Posted On 08.16.2011 11:28am  - (0) comments
It’s a breezy Thursday afternoon and vocalist Denise Lo Blondo is kicking back, enjoying the brief time she has left to unwind before launching a highly anticipated concert in her native Mexico. Her band, Hello Seahorse!, implies dreamy beats and magical songs that would captivate even the most tempting sirens of the sea. However, like their...
Q&A Sessions: Ardnaxela
Posted On 08.09.2011 12:10pm  - (0) comments
Alexandra Rosa has never been one to follow someone else’s plan. When she was eight-years-old she threw a piano teacher out of the house for trying to make her learn other people’s songs. It’s no wonder she doesn’t even follow a plan of her own. Rosa, or Ardnaxela as her fans know her, has explored ballet and acting. Now, she’s a solo artist and...
Fresh Beats: La Vida Boheme’s Nuestra
Posted On 08.04.2011 08:15am  - (0) comments
Exploding from the thriving underbelly of the underground alternative music scene of Venezuela, La Vida Boheme is finally making their mark in the United States. The rock band’s debut album, Nuestra, is a pulsating release that offers eleven of the most amped up, dance inducing tracks to come out of South America. With influences, like The Ramones...
Q&A Sessions: Ximena Sarinana
Posted On 08.02.2011 11:12am  - (0) comments
When 25-year-old Mexican songstress Ximena Sarinana released her first album, titled Mediocre, in 2008, Rolling Stone hailed it as “one of the strongest debuts from a female singer-songwriter”-an inspiring accomplishment for a Latina singing in Spanish. Three years later, the jazz vocalist and former telenovela starlet was ready to experiment...
Top Latin Underground Artists
Posted On 07.28.2011 02:41pm  - (0) comments
It seems as though every radio station plays the same songs every hour. Rather than rock out and spin records that will have your hips swaying and fists pumping, you’re singing the blues. We have come up with a list of up and coming Latin artists who like to shake, mix, and funk things up. Check out the sweet beats and smooth lyrics of some of the...
Q&A Sessions: Rita Indiana
Posted On 07.26.2011 11:38am  - (0) comments
Standing at a towering six feet, Santo Domingo-raised singer Rita Indiana demands your attention, but that’s not the reason why audiences from her native Dominican Republic hail her as a “monster.” The androgynous artist has successfully conquered the Caribbean and the United States with her infectious mezcla of hip swiveling merengue, tropical...
Fresh Beats: Bimexicano
Posted On 07.14.2011 08:06am  - (0) comments
In honor of Mexico’s two hundred years of independence from Spanish rule, Nacional Records released a fitting tribute album, Bimexicano, a fantastic collection of contemporary rock/indie/electronica acts covering some of the most beloved songs that make up the rich pantheon of Mexico’s musical culture. Starting things off is “La Martiniana” by...
Q&A Sessions: Carla Morrison
Posted On 07.12.2011 12:01pm  - (0) comments
Change is a constant thing in Carla Morrison’s burgeoning young career. A singer/songwriter with an old school way of looking at the world through her music, the soon to be 25-year-old Mexican artist will be a part of a staggering array of artists this Thursday night in New York City at the Spot, sponsored by Heineken. An independent artist who...
Top Merengue Songs
Posted On 07.07.2011 04:53pm  - (0) comments
There are those who would say merengue isn’t truly merengue unless a Dominican wrote it. It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly when, how, and by whom merengue music was started, but it did gain mainstream popularity in the Dominican Republic during the dictatorship of Rafael Trujillo in the early 1930s. It was even dubbed the official music of the...
Fresh Beats: Mexican Institute of Sound’s Suave Patria
Posted On 07.07.2011 03:30pm  - (0) comments
Looking to get the summer started just right? It’s time to dust off the iPod (and your dancing shoes) and get yourself a copy of Suave Patria, the latest album by DJ/producer Camilo Lara, the brain child and driving force behind the wildly inventive Mexican Institute of Sound (M.I.S.). Based in Mexico City, Lara has been rockin’ the crowds with...
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