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Q&A Sessions: Rigo Luna
Posted On 09.07.2006 05:35pm  - (1) comments
Don't call it a comeback! You may remember this artist from the R&B group Nu Flavor, with their hit song "Heaven." He is back on the music scene, bringing a new twist to the R&B game this time with his self-titled solo debut, titled Rigo Luna. The Compton native proves you can't judge a book by its cover as he belts out R&B ballads in...
Q&A Sessions: Julieta Venegas
Posted On 07.05.2006 02:57pm  - (0) comments
Julieta Venegas is the undisputed queen of Latin alternative music. There is no one who is more respected and original. Venegas’ fourth album, Limon Y Sal, is a return of the emotional angst found in Aqui, with the high caliber production of Si. Where Si was Venegas’ way of expressing happiness, Limon Y Sal explores her skeptical side. Venegas’...
Enter "El Father"
Posted On 06.13.2006 11:23am  - (0) comments
Go ahead. Keep thinking that you can ignore reggaeton’s signature boom-chick-boom-chick rhythm. I dare you to continue believing that the genre will suffer a similar fate as freestyle in the 90’s and that it won’t have any further mainstream impact. I dare you to hate, or better yet, as Calle 13 puts it, ¡Atrevete! Despite its naysayers, reggaeton...
Fresh Beats: Don Omar’s King of Kings
Posted On 05.31.2006 02:31pm  - (0) comments
Just in time to kick off the summer, Don Omar releases this highly anticipated album in which he anoints himself The King of Kings! Proudly, or arrogantly, if you’re going to name yourself the king, you better drop one hot album. Omar, you certainly do, as long as it’s your fans that will no doubt, come out in droves to add this joint to their...
Q&A Sessions: Mario Vazquez
Posted On 05.25.2006 05:37pm  - (0) comments
Mario Vazquez shocked the nation when he suddenly walked away from his position as the only Latino in the top 12 of “American Idol.” Many thought he was a shoe in to win, and why not, “Idol” has never had anyone on the show like him before.  In a bold move to take back control of his musical career Mario left without telling friends and...
Fresh Beats: La Mujer De Mi Hermano’s Soundtrack
Posted On 05.10.2006 03:11pm  - (0) comments
The La Mujer de Mi Hermano soundtrack follows in the trend of other recent films from Latin America that tell great stories complete with awesome music. Why should you fall in love with this album? No matter what you’re into, La Mujer de Mi Hermano will have what you’re looking for and get you to discover other underrated genres of Latin music....
RBD: Livin’ La Vida Loca
Posted On 05.04.2006 03:27pm  - (2) comments
“Livin’ La Vida Loca” may have been a Ricky Martin hit, but right now it’s the theme song for the six teens in RBD.     It’s a crazy life that is a constant blur of filming, promoting, recording, and touring. During the week, RBD films their daily soap opera “Rebelde.” On the weekends, they are either in the studio recording or...
Q&A Sessions: Frankie J
Posted On 04.17.2006 02:23pm  - (0) comments
When he made the decision to leave his band mates and pursue a solo career, everyone was skeptical. When he made it clear he wanted to pursue R&B music, people thought he was insane. A Mexican singing R&B was unheard of. However, instead of allowing naysayers to discourage him, Frankie J responded with a hit single "Obsession (No Es Amor)"...
Fresh Beats: Calle 13’s Debut Album
Posted On 03.08.2006 04:51pm  - (0) comments
This is the kind of album that will be celebrated by hipster Latinos, the folks too cool to listen to Daddy Yankee, Don Omar, or any other big name reggaeton act. The ones most likely to embrace Calle 13 will be in the know Latinos, the ones wearing t-shirts that say "Libertad" underneath their track jackets. However, no matter how hip or socially...
Q&A Sessions: Malverde
Posted On 02.22.2006 01:50pm  - (0) comments
Salsa had Hector Lavoe and Willie Colon. Hip-Hop has Nas, Common, and countless others. Reggaeton has Tego Calderon and Voltio. And Latin hip-hop (or hip-hop en Español) has Malverde. What do they all have in common? They make music that is commercially acceptable commercially and brings awareness to the people it represents. The Los Angeles...
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