Q&A Sessions: The Zombie Kids

Q&A Sessions: The Zombie Kids

by Michelle Miranda

Edgar Candel and Cumhur Jay are the two most popular DJs in Spain. Every Wednesday night they pack more than a thousand patrons into the Zombie Club at Sala Heineken to experience what Rolling Stone has dubbed, “the revolution of Madrid nightlife.” That’s quite an accomplishment, considering all they really sought out to do was enjoy themselves and their music. What they brought to Spanish clubs is an irresistible mix of punk, hip-hop, funk, rock, house, soul, and everything else you can think of-all with an electronic spin. After just a couple of years on the scene the guys have built a Zombie empire in Spain with their club, bar, clothing line, and web magazine. With the recent release of their new EP, Face, and their upcoming tour dates in Australia, the DJ duo is set to gain a global following for their infectious music and style. They took a few moments away from promoting Face to talk to nocheLatina about their fans, music, and plans for the future.

nocheLatina: The single, titled 'Face,' was released by Nacional Records recently and it seems like it’s a big hit already.

The Zombie Kids: ‘Face’ is a fresh track, with a nice melody and dirty lyrics. The video is made by Hugo Costa and our friends are in it. That’s the reason I think the single has had so much success.

nocheLatina: Right now you are huge in Spain. What’s your plan for growing the same kind of fan base of that magnitude in the US?

The Zombie Kids: The important thing is not to lose the intellectual part of the project. We are always trying to amplify Zombie, developing new targets like clothes and web magazines…I think we would fit perfectly in the US because we share similar visions of lifestyle. It is not only music. And we would connect with the young generation, as we doing here in Madrid. There isn’t a huge difference between the two audiences, but we should never forget that America is the mother of many music genres. That makes it so clear to us how American audiences are open to new sounds.
nocheLatina: The two of you do so much business together. How did you guys hook up?
The Zombie Kids:
We used to live in the same neighborhood and had the same ideas about lifestyle and the way of living it. We started with the design studio called Zombie and worked on creative projects. Recentely we’ve added the club and the bar. You can visit our site and check out the latest news about the club, bar, clothing, and Zombie Works.

nocheLatina: How did you come up with the name, The Zombie Kids?

The Zombie Kids: We had already the brand name called Zombie and it comes from picking up cool stuff from the ‘50s until the '90s, showing them to our generation, and saying ‘Hey guys! Does anybody remember these cool things?’ It’s a bit like changing the past tendencies into a zombie…It’s kind of…giving them a second chance to live.

nocheLatina: People are saying you two have revolutionized Madrid nightlife with your electro-house music. Tell us about your music. Did you set out to do that?
The Zombie Kids:
At the beginning we used to play mash ups in small clubs, but now we’re focusing on electronic sounds and trying to push our parties into another level with new sounds and styles. We try to chance the routine vibe of the city and rock it every Wednesday night with 1,200 people.
nocheLatina: Your music has such an eclectic mix of genres and styles. What are your musical influences?

The Zombie Kids: We listen to mostly everything, from funk to punk. In general music does not have sex, style, or genre. What we’re looking for is just a harmony between melodies and rhythms. That’s the reason we have a huge record collection from the early ‘80s till 2000s. There are too many names out there that influence us-we wouldn’t know where to start.
nocheLatina: Now that Face is out and you’re going to be touring, are you guys going to start working on a full-length album?
The Zombie Kids:
We have not decided to make an album yet, but we have new tracks coming up. There will be a couple more new singles with big collaborations, such as Foreign Beggars and Party Harders.

nocheLatina: You’re probably also going to start seeing a lot more American fans. Are you planning on touring here any time soon?
The Zombie Kids:
We would love to be in the US and tour. It is a great opportunity for us to share our music with more than 350 million people.

nocheLatina: Would you ever consider moving out of Madrid and setting up a club somewhere else in the world?
The Zombie Kids:
We’re not sure. However, we definitely have all the qualifications to do that.

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