Yaya DaCosta: From America’s Next Top Model to TRON

Yaya DaCosta: From America’s Next Top Model to TRON

by Rob Perez

Blink and you might miss Yaya DaCosta’s sexy appearance in the season’s biggest blockbuster flick, TRON: Legacy. As a Siren, DaCosta’s job is to prepare Sam Flynn for the upcoming adventure he’s about to embark on. Actually, she’s more like the last bit of eye candy doomed participants see before facing certain death. But DaCosta is more than then just your typical starlet, despite being a runner-up in the third season of “America’s Next Top Model.” The runway showstopper has also appeared in several critically acclaimed films recently, including the well received The Kids Are All Right, as well speaking at colleges on various political and social issues. In time for the premiere of TRON: Legacy, we spoke to the star about her life since “America’s Next Top Model,” becoming an actress, and pursuing her many dreams. We’re confident DaCosta will leave her own legacy in Hollywood!

nocheLatina: Can you explain to me what your role is as a Siren?

Yaya DaCosta: I’m glad that you saw it because not a lot of people understand how brief the scene is and how much was cut from it. The Sirens are there . . . it’s interesting because although it’s not a big role, without them Sam Flynn wouldn’t have any direction or the right gear for that world. It was really nice to be a part of it. But I must say that those costumes are difficult to stay in for hours. It was a really fun experience and the role of the Siren is basically what you saw. 

nocheLatina: Did you have to wear any sort of special suit for the 3D effect?

Yaya DaCosta: The outfits were specially made for our bodies. They were so tight! They’re four layers thick and the top portion have lights. It was all very intricate. It took about five or six hours to actually get it on. We had two dresses each and we ended up being in them for about 20 hours each day. 

nocheLatina: How long did it take to shoot your scene?

Yaya DaCosta: I don’t remember the number of days we shot, but it was a few. There was a lot going on that you didn’t get to see in the ultimate cut. Every movement that you see is very strictly choreographed. We’re counting in our heads.  You don’t get to see that much of it. The original scene was much longer and more detailed.

nocheLatina: What is your impression of the film?

Yaya DaCosta: I think it falls right in line with a lot of those kinds of films that have been made over the years, but this one took it to the next level and utilize all the new technology we have now. It really satisfies this new level of digital simulation. It’s very visually stunning.  And it’s a fun story.

nocheLatina: How did you get into acting and modeling? 

Yaya DaCosta: I’m not a model, although I’ve dabbled in it just like I dabbled in waitressing, teaching, and many other things. I’ve always had multiple interests, especially in education. I love school, studying, learning about the world, traveling, and politics. But I’ve always been an actress. My first acting job was when I was 11 and it just took a long time for me to really have the confidence to pursue it as a career. That happened right after college. I’m glad I went to college and didn’t study acting because when I prepared for a role in class or went on auditions, I was always reminded that I have so many tools in my bag of tricks to pull from. I’ve experienced other worlds and vocabularies outside of the acting business. I’m constantly using everything I’ve learned in school and on the streets. You’d be surprised where that knowledge comes into play. If I’m playing a lawyer I’m using vocabulary that’s not foreign to me.

nocheLatina: What’s the next film/TV project you’ll be in?

Yaya DaCosta: I’m in a movie called Now. I had two scenes in it and the script is amazing. I can’t wait for that next year. I’m very excited about this time in my life. I plan on studying my craft, working hard, and being prepared for whatever opportunities come along.

TRON: Legacy premieres on Friday, December 17th.

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