Falling for Kat Von D’s Adora

Falling for Kat Von D’s Adora

by Stephanie Nolasco

They say third time’s a charm and Latina Kat Von D has proven it to be true. While she’s found success as a celebrity tattoo artist and leading lady of the hit television series, “LA Ink,” the 28-year-old has recently been the subject of countless tabloids. Ever since she started dating Sandra Bullock’s cheating ex-husband Jesse James, the red-lipped bad girl was almost too much for the public to handle. And if that wasn’t enough, she recently lost her Los Angeles home in a fire. Yet, the alabaster beauty has kept it moving. In response to the sudden media scrutiny, Von D has released her third fragrance, Adora, meaning “beloved” in Latin. Fortunately, her latest beauty creation could pave the way for a more positive New Year, not just for Von D, but for the loyal fans that have stuck by her through the breakups and makeups.

“The word ‘adora’ has special meaning for me,” explains Von D. “I chose it because it takes me to some of my most passionate and tormented moments. The emotions that love evokes are unforgettable and this fragrance is like my reminiscence.” From its romantic goth packaging inspired by illustrator Alphonese Mucha, to the perfume’s tag line, “Life holds new meaning when you’re in love,” Von D doesn’t shy away from giving audiences a glimpse of her life behind cameras. And if Adora is any indication of what it may really be like, we can be certain that gossip blogs have it all wrong. Adora is a sensual and dangerously luscious scent that, like a great love affair, instantly captivates and lingers in your mind for hours. 

Unlike the overpowering musks of most celebrity perfumes, Adora is juicy and, dare we say, natural smelling. One spritz reveals an instant medley of ripe boysenberry and lychee, both fresh, crisp scents made to out beat the bone chilling winds of winter. Slowly, it dries down to zesty thyme, uniting with freshly peeled mango, creating a more feminine than punk spirit, a surprising effort from the tattooed temptress. Finally, Adora dries down to a soft patchouli and amber wood, which will make one feel as if they’ve been strolling in a forest at night. While Adora is feathery light, the journey it will give wearers is nothing short of dramatic. 

No matter what challenges may come in Von D’s way, they can only inspire her to create great art, at least in the world of fragrances. Adora is a must-have for ladies who’re fed up with dizzying, sugary-sweet scents that have been overly abused by many stars desperate to join the perfume-endorsing bandwagon. Adora may not have the same rock ‘n’ roll edge Von D has perfected in all of her other projects, but perhaps following her heart is what really makes her rebellious.

Adora is currently available at Sephora.

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