Top Sexiest Latin Music Videos

Top Sexiest Latin Music Videos

by Pierina Berrospi

Top Sexiest Latin Music Video: "She Wolf"-Shakira

Her movements are known as the hottest on earth and this video reinforces Shakira’s world-famous sexiness. Every dance move in "She Wolf" is suggestive, which makes the clip as a whole arouse a desire like no other. The Colombian pop star's dancing style in "She Wolf" is a combination of different dance techniques she has incorporated into her own movements, which concentrate on her hips and butt. Without a doubt, with Shakira in it, it's not shocking this video makes it as one of the sexiest. Her hips don’t lie!

Top Sexiest Latin Music Video: "Oye Mi Canto"-Nina Sky

What’s sexier than beautiful Latinas in bikinis getting down on the beach? "Oye Mi Canto" by twin singers Nina Sky embraces our culture by representing various Latin American countries with tantalizing ladies next to the flags of their homelands. Rappers and “reggaetoneros” sing to them while they dance to the booty shaking rhythm. Sure, what makes this video truly sexy is the atmosphere, but also those tiny bathing suits, and of course, the Latin flavor.

Top Sexiest Latin Music Video: "I'm Glad"-Jennifer Lopez

The way J.LO moves is more than sexy, it blows your mind away! The audience’s reactions to her dancing makes "I'm Glad" a super steamy music video. Just look for the man who starts sweating because Jennifer Lopez's famous assets are too much to handle. Not only do we see the Puerto Rican sensation channeling Michael Jackson, but she takes her clothes off and gets wet on stage. More please!

Top Sexiest Latin Music Video: "Amor A La Mexicana"-Thalia

In the music video for "Oye Mi Canto", Mexican songstress Thalia represents an innocent wife who becomes a dominant femme fatale.  There’s nothing more alluring than seeing the passionate leading lady singing about her Mexican lover, seen as a typical macho guy. Their romance is portrayed as both unique and very exotic, which makes this video very sexy.

Top Sexiest Latin Music Video: "Livin' La Vida Loca"-Ricky Martin

There’s something about seeing Puerto Rican pop icon Ricky Martin in this video that gets both the ladies and gents all hot and bothered. Perhaps it’s all those couples showing off their heart-stopping moves or the curvaceous Latina making out with the singer. "Livin' La Vida Loca" may be an oldie, but it still makes us want to hit the dance floor.

Top Sexiest Latin Music Video: "Por Un Beso"-Aventura

What’s sexier than a Dominican guy asking for a kiss? Our favorite bachatero tells us what he would do for a smooch from some of the most beautiful Latinas on screen.  He is certainly fine in this video, from the way he looks, to the way he sings and dances. The company he has isn’t bad looking either.

Top Sexiest Latin Music Video: "Hero"-Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias and Jennifer Love Hewitt, need we say more? Besides making one of the hottest on-screen couples in a music video, their intense and dangerous love is what makes “Hero” truly sexy. Not only do we witness an adventurous romance, but the end of “Hero” is bound to leave you on the edge of your seat.  Even though it’s as dramatic as a telenovela, there are plenty of erotic scenes to keep you satisfied.

Top Sexiest Latin Music Video: "Suavemente"-Elvis Crespo

Elvis Crespo is one of the most popular merengue singers and his songs have been successful all over Latin America and the United States. “Suavemente” is not only one of the most popular songs he has, but also one of the sexiest. From the lyrics to the way the Puerto Rican star moves, this music video is full of erotic dance moves. There’s nothing like a Latin beat to get us bumping and grinding.

Top Sexiest Latin Music Video: "Tu Boca"-Chayanne

When two girls are dancing for Puerto Rican leading man Chayanne, you never know what may happen. His music videos have always been considered sexy because of his dancing and singing abilities. "Tu Boca" is definitely one of his yummiest because it features some of the sickest moves for a threesome.

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