Q&A Sessions: Angel y Khriz

Q&A Sessions: Angel y Khriz

by Luis Vazquez

Angel and Khriz are one of the elite duos in Latin urban music. They are also one of the few to have survived and thrived for a period of time. This is the same Puerto Rican group that has brought you Latin club anthems, such as “Na De Na” and “Ven Bailalo.” They have released their third album, Da’ Takeover and it has been well received, to say the least. Now, they will be promoting their latest effort here and abroad in 2010. We spoke to Angel y Khriz about their new album, their view on urban music, and what they have learned along the way. NocheLatina welcomes them back to the spotlight.

nocheLatina: Tell us about the new album and how you came up with the title?

Angel y Khriz: Da’ Takeover is our third studio album. We worked very hard on this album because we wanted the best quality in every aspect of it. We wanted it to be a very varied album. It has all types of Latin rhythms, including reggaeton, bachata, and merengue. It also has some more romantic songs and even a hip–hop track with Flo Rida. We chose Da’ Takeover as the title because we wanted the audience to know that Angel y Khriz are back to take over the music scene.

nocheLatina: What type of album should we expect this time around?

Angel y Khriz: This album is the best yet and by far our most favorite production. The songs included in the album are so good and unique in their own way that we didn’t have to go through the typical selection process among 20 or more singles to determine which ones would be in it. The album has a wide range of sounds. Its production was obviously influenced by all the things we have learned throughout our career. The cultures, the people, and the places that we have encountered all played a huge role on the creative process. We have learned to recognize what people are looking for in an album so we tried to come up with a CD that not only has different types of music, but also tells different stories.

nocheLatina: This is your third album, do you feel more comfortable being around for a while now, or is there always pressure?

Angel y Khriz: This is our third studio album so obviously we feel a little more comfortable now than at the beginning, but there is always a lot of pressure. The music industry is changing so quickly that if you don’t change with it you can risk your career. Throughout the years, we have gained a lot of experience. We have learned from our successes and our failures. Overall, we have been very blessed because our fans support us so much. We will continue to evolve and keep trying to give them what they want.

nocheLatina: What singles have been released?

Angel y Khriz: The first single that was released from this album was ‘Ayer La Vi.’ It is a romantic yet danceable song. We chose it as the first single because it is a song that you can listen to while you are driving back from work or just chilling with your friends, girlfriend, etc. Also, we recently released the single ‘Maltratame,’ which has a reggaeton beat. We actually received incredible feedback from people that really love this song. It charted on the Top 20 Latin Urban list the week it was released.

nocheLatina: What other projects are you working on?

Angel y Khriz: This year we are 100% focused on the album. We are currently doing a promo tour in the U.S. We have visited cities from coast to coast and so far it has been very successful. After we finish the promo tour we will begin our official international concert tour. We will probably visit South America and European countries like France where we have been always incredibly welcomed.

nocheLatina: What are your expectations for this year?

Angel y Khriz: We hope that people really like the album. So far it seems that they have because the first single ‘Ayer La Vi’ has been in the Latin charts for months and the album debuted at #1 in the Latin Urban charts. We expect to continue working and doing music, which is what we enjoy the most.

nocheLatina: Do you feel that the Spanish urban market gets respect in the music industry?

Angel y Khriz: Right now it does get respect in the industry, but it has come a long way since it was just an underground movement to what it is today. Urban music has gained respect from an industry that used to be reluctant to accept it as a genre. Many people predicted that it was going to disappear, but look at us, we’re still here and everyone knows that it’s one of the most popular genres of the industry. People like urban music and they are still requesting it at radio stations, concerts, clubs, etc. There are TV channels and show dedicated to urban music. There will always be someone in the industry who doesn’t like or respect urban music, but the reality is that people like it. That’s what really matters.

nocheLatina: I noticed that when a pop star wants to revive a career they get an urban Latin artist to help put them out. Is this a fair statement?

Angel y Khriz: It is fair if we’re talking about a pop star that has supported the urban music and shows respect for the artist, not if that pop star is just trying to take advantage of the urban artist’s popularity.

nocheLatina: Where do you see urban music in the Latin market going now?

Angel y Khriz: We see it growing. It has evolved a lot and will continue to do so.

nocheLatina: What would you like to tell the readers of nocheLatina and where would you like to see Angel and Khriz at in the coming year?

Angel y Khriz: We want to tell them that Da’ Takeover is in stores now, that we hope they like it, it was made for them to enjoy, and have a good time. In the coming year we will be still taking over the world!

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