Fresh Beats: Selena Gomez’s Kiss & Tell

Fresh Beats: Selena Gomez’s Kiss & Tell

by Rob Perez

I’m fully aware that, no matter what I say, many of you will see Selena Gomez and automatically dismiss her. Well, if you aren’t too cool for the room, if you pride yourself, like me, on not being a music snob, if you can at the very least be objective and give her new album a chance, then I’m writing this review especially for you. OK, here it goes: Kiss & Tell is one awesome album. Yes it’s Disney. Yes its tween pop. And yes, this is certainly one of the best albums from the teeny bopper genre. However, it’s good enough that us older folks will dig it when we listen to it, in private of course.

While I can’t tell you anything about Selena Gomez, the star of Disney’s “Wizards of Waverly Place,” I can say that Kiss & Tell could lead to bigger and brighter opportunities as a musical artist. Kiss & Tell isn’t flawless-Gomez definitely needs to mature more vocally, and it’s clear on some tracks she’s singing songs only relatable to adults-but overall, this is an album full of promise and nonstop energy. And while Gomez was not born in the 80’s, this album will have older listeners reminiscing of the days when New Wave and synthesizers were all the rage on the radio. Bands such as The Bangles, The Buggles, The Go Go’s, and dare we say, even The Cult, were all inspirations for this very pop rocky, power ballad-esque collection of music goodness.

Although I wouldn’t ordinarily pick up this album, if you have younger kids or little sobrinos in your life, then they will definitely be rocking out to Kiss & Tell. The best of the best tracks on the album include “Falling,” “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know,” and the lead title track “Kiss & Tell,” where Gomez comes out at you with full force. Her voice, while still stuck in pre-teen vocal chords, are powerful enough to belt out a sort of teen girl angst and attitude, especially on “Crush.” Gomez declares that she won’t be waiting around for a guy to notice her; there are other boy-toys she’ll go after in the meantime. Way to go girl!

Don’t expect Kiss & Tell to make it on any top ten list by music’s elite. Do expect it to be bashed unfairly, especially by those who have not even heard a single track. Just because Gomez is part of the Disney family doesn’t mean her music can’t be good. Maybe people are too afraid to admit that they could actually be blown away by an album recorded by a 17-year-old star who wears a purity ring. But I cannot deny this: I must give Gomez her due and congratulate her on recording one terrific album. If by chance you hear your sobrinos listening, don’t be afraid to admit you like it. It will be hard not to!


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