Fresh Beats: Los Amigos Invisibles’ Commercial

Fresh Beats: Los Amigos Invisibles’ Commercial

by Bianca I Laureano

There’s something very campy about Los Amigos Invisibles that I find extremely entertaining. Their latest album Commercial does not disappoint from this perspective, but it does from others. There are 16 tracks, with 90% of them being sung in Spanish to the disco, funk, pop, and jazz sound we know Los Amigos Invisibles to embody. However, is their latest release worth dancing to?

Although Commercial features various skits and intros within its 16 tracks, some are a delight to hear and make up for their limited timing. For example, “Fuerza” is a 30 second long introduction with a “commercial” voice-over: a piercing guitar. The intro is then abruptly cut off, going directly to “Mentiras.” This song is fairly classic Los Amigos Invisibles funk with a dash of disco and synthesizer sound (not auto-tune as many typical pop stars would go for). The second intro/skit is “Desnudos,” which appropriately leads to “Sueno Erotico.” This song made me giggle with the obvious sounds of synthesizer, drums, and guitar that gave an unusual time lapse feel. We are supposed to be dreaming right? Perhaps that is why the only lyrics to this song are “vamos hacer este sueno erotico” and are chanted over and over again. It has neither a mesmerizing nor monotone effect as I expected, but it does contain a hint of sex appeal. Sadly, it’s just not enough for me to add it in my list of “songs to get it on to.” On the other hand, if you’re a romantic, Commercial does have some special treats for you.

One of Los Amigo Invisibles’ love songs in Commercial is “Loco Por Tu Amor,” which sounds like it could be the lyrics to any salsa/cumbia/merengue ballad. They lyricism on this single is also not as creative, which makes it a little too safe for them. This track, like typical love songs, is predictable and a major disappointment. “In Luv With U,” one of the few all-English singles in Commercial, has the usual declaration of love, while attempting to convince the betrothed why they are worthy. With the help of light drums and guitar, “In Luv With You” can serve as a happy-go-lucky beach song for the summer. If you’re looking for something more edgy and less willing to pull your heartstrings, Commercial does offer some gems worth discovering.

“Merengue Killer” is probably my favorite skit/intro which leads into “Oyeme Nena” another song that I can imagine hearing from any other Latino singer. It’s got a cabaret, theatrical feel that would make even your parents get up and dance. “Dulce” is another sultry disco-inspired single that can be an ideal party starter for those evening rooftop bashes. At the end of the day the adjective I would use to describe Commercial is “fun.” I’d stay away from terms, such as “creative,” “musical vanguard,” and “new” as those are not present on this 6th album.

If you’re already a Los Amigos Invisibles fan Commercial will easily win you over. However, if this album is your first introduction to the Latin alternative group, you won’t be given their best welcome. The title of the album is a good name to describe the sound: commercial. In other words, there’s a little something for everyone.

To learn more about Los Amigos Invisibles, click here.


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