Q&A Sessions: The Pinker Tones

Q&A Sessions: The Pinker Tones

by Rob Perez

Without question, The Pinker Tones is Spain’s most popular import and one of the most successful electronica bands in the world. They have played venues from Barcelona to New York City, and continue to win over new fans with each critically acclaimed album. The Million Colours Revolution put them at the forefront of electronica, and Wild Animals simply raised the bar for all bands that would follow. Now on tour to promote Wild Animals while working on their follow-up album, expect The Pinker Tones to continue impacting the dance music scene as we know it. Mr. Furia, who makes one half of this amazing duo, speaks to us on what the past few years have been like for this dynamic duo from Barcelona and what surprises are in store for The Pinker Tones’ upcoming fourth album.

nocheLatina: Your last two albums (Wild Animals and Million Colours Revolution) have achieved both critical and commercial success. How would you describe the past two years for the Pinker Tones?

Mr. Furia: The last two years have been very intense since the launch of Million Colours Revolution. It’s the album that has put us on the international map. From there we started to tour all over the world, which is very unusual for a Spanish band. We felt very flattered about that. We have the feeling now, with a little bit of enough perspective, that we’ve opened a lot of doors for other Spanish bands, and done things that have never been done before. Two-years-ago we went to South by Southwest and a lot of things happened there. We met Kevin Lymon who fell in love with the band. We then did the Vans Warped Tour last year. Now, there has been a group of 20 bands from Spain that have gone to South by Southwest. We would like to think all the effort we’ve put in the last couple of years has also motivated all the bands in Spain to move ahead and be heard outside of the country.

nocheLatina: As far as the next album following Wild Animals, have you begun working on it? When can we expect the album to come out?

Mr. Furia: It will be out in 2010. Besides all the touring, we’ve been doing a lot of production and remix work in the last year. There hasn’t been time to really start working. There have been bits and pieces, stretches and ideas. I am curious as you might be to know what the next Pinker Tones album might be like. We’ll have to wait a bit. But definitely early 2010 it will be out.

nocheLatina: When it comes to fans, are you able to walk down the street especially in your hometown?

Mr. Furia: I think that popularity is something you have to deal with and it depends on how you live and project your life. If you get into the loop of all the sensationalist trash and start selling your life to these people, obviously they’ll follow you and make your life miserable. We live very normal lives and we enjoy our neighborhood. People know us, and they’ll ask for an autograph, say hello, and be nice to you. If you’re nice most of the time, they’re nice as well. It depends on the ethics you take towards popularity.

nocheLatina: Regarding the current tour you’re on, how long is it?

Mr. Furia: At the moment we are not playing as intensively as we played last year. It’s not like the Vans Warped tour that had like 45 dates. Now we’re playing more like two or three gigs and spend three-four days in the studio. It’s a very interesting balance. It refreshes both the studio work and the live show.

nocheLatina: How many more dates are there in the tour?

Mr. Furia: We’ll be playing until September. It’s about 20 more dates. Besides Spain, we’ll be in Sweden. We just went to Russia, and there are a few more European dates that have to be confirmed. In a couple of weeks we’ll be announcing a lot of new gigs for the summer.

nocheLatina: With all the musical success you’ve achieved, what haven’t you accomplished yet in your career?

Mr. Furia: When it comes to music, I don’t really like to think of it as an accomplishing issue. We always try to do the best we can. Music to us is an expression of the moment we live, and it has to reflect what we are living. I just hope that the next album surprises people as much as they were surprised by Million Colours Revolution and Wild Animals.
Going from there we are very happy with what we have done until now, but we also don’t like to ‘fall asleep on your crown.’ It’s a big mistake when you think you’ve done everything and you’re fantastic in everything you do. I hope we can still deliver good music to fans.

nocheLatina: When you’re done recording an album, do you ever go back and listen to it and feel you could’ve done something different?

Mr. Furia: Not really. We always try to create circumstances so that the rest of the people who work around us work in our rhythm. We have to be really sure that the album is finished, and that normally starts when we are remixing tracks. I think we’ve found a very good way of working and our team respects that.

nocheLatina: Which are some of your favorite bands?

Mr. Furia: I come more from a more pop/rock, guitar band background, and Professor Manso comes from a really dark electronica music background. We are also lovers of very different types of music. What you’ll find on a Pinker Tones’ iPod is anything from Johan Sebastian Bach to Justice. When I was a teenager I was big Jimi Hendrix fan. I’ve also listened to a lot of classical music all my life. That’s probably part of the magic of the Pinker Tones. We devour music. Lately, we’ve been listening to Gnarls Barkley, Midnight Juggernaughts, and a Spanish guy called De Pedro. There’s just a lot of good music being done everywhere. It’s hard to keep up with everything, but we try.

nocheLatina: What else can we expect from the Pinker Tones for the rest of this year and 2010?

Mr. Furia: In the next Pinker Tones album there will be some really cool collaborations, but I really can’t tell you because it’s a secret. We will probably be remixing one of our favorite bands of all time. I can’t say who though. In between we’ll go out and do a few gigs. From September on we’ll start working intensively on the album as well.

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