Let’s Get it On: The Top Sexiest Songs

Let’s Get it On: The Top Sexiest Songs

by Bianca I Laureano

Music can play an important and influential role in our sex lives (or lack thereof). Setting the mood is essential for making you and your partner(s) comfortable and excited. If you don’t know where or how to start in selecting a good playlist for your upcoming session, we’ve compiled a list to get you turned on.




Top Sexiest Song: Maxwell-"This Woman's Work"

We wonder where Maxwell is now because his album Urban Hang Suite left us with some of the most seductive lyrics that would make anyone beg for more! Songs like “Till the Cops Come Knockin’,” “Whenever, Wherever, Whatever,” and the up-tempo “Sumtin’ Sumtin’” are my picks from his album to get a romp started. Yet, I can’t end this without mentioning his MTV Unplugged cover of “This Woman’s Work” where he didn’t change the pronouns. That’s sexy!


Top Sexiest Song: Nacha Pop-"Luchas De Gigantes"

Nacha Pop’s “Lucha de Gigantes” from the Amores Perros Soundtrack sets any sexual deed off with just guitar strings alone. Plus, the song will easily recapture the steamy sex scenes from the film.


Top Sexiest Song: Concha Buika-"La Niebla"

Concha Buika’s cover for her latest album Niña de Fuego instantly screams sex, but so does she! Her voice is raspy, deep, intriguing, and all those things that create an amazing tone in a properly lit room.




Top Sexiest Song: Betty Davis-"I Will Take That Ride"

Betty Davis is an artist we introduced to you with our Anti-Love Songs list, but she’s got more funk that is pure sex. One of my favorites is “I Will Take That Ride” off her self-titled album. She fires herself up with orgasmic lyrics, causing her to pant, purr, and moan from self giving pleasure. She demands good lovin’, yet she pleads to be satisfied, threatening to burst from ecstasy that only a faint touch can cause. Lord have mercy!


Top Sexiest Song: Björk-"Pleasure Is All Mine"

Björk is like that unusual sexual position that you’ve always wanted to try: strange yet fascinating enough to make you give it a try at least once. This Icelandic songstress is unpredictable when it comes to her personality and wardrobe (remember that infamous swan dress?). Björk is at her most erotic in “Pleasure Is All Mine,” the first track from her album Medúlla. She’s got shrillness to her voice that will send shivers up and down your spine. Who doesn’t yearn for a feeling like that?




Top Sexiest Song: Shakira and Alejandro Sanz-"La Tortura"

There’s no other song quite like Shakira and Alejandro Sanz’s “La Tortura” from her Fijacion Oral Vol. 1, an album that’s ideal to play when the clothes are coming off. Sometimes it’s helpful to have a stimulating visual and these two give us that to the max!


Top Sexiest Song: Nine Inch Nails-"Closer"

With lyrics like “I want to fuck you like an animal/My whole existence is flawed/You get me closer to god” rocker Trent Reznor will definitely make you feel a rush of energy with this sexy classic. “Closer” from The Downward Spiral implies the one thing anyone is thinking when they’re getting ready to climax.


Top Sexiest Song: Dave Matthews Band-"Say Goodbye"

“Say Goodbye” from the album Crash comes from a group of musicians that are both diverse and passionate. Their barely-heard sensuality is felt in this song with lyrics that include “The only thing that you have to say is/oh tonight let’s go all the way.” If you can’t think of any sweet nothings to seal the deal, whisper these to your partner.


Top Sexiest Song: OutKast-"Spread"

For those of you with poles in your bedrooms, this song from Speakerboxxx/The Love Below is a must. Not only will it unleash your kinky side, but it also has some amazing, turn-me-on lyrics, such as “Don’t want to come on too strong/But I’ll play in you all day long/Just spread/Spread for me.” In other words, less talking and more action, just how we like it. If you’re going to take out the toys, make sure you also play “Vibrate,” another goodie found on the same CD.


Top Sexiest Song: Sean Paul-"Get Busy"

When it comes to getting hot and heavy, dancehall is a surefire way to heat things up in the bedroom or any other place where the mood strikes. Sean Paul’s “Get Busy” from Dutty Rock is readily available from a number of sources. When this song comes on while you’re in the middle of getting some, it will immediately take that motion to a whole new level!




Top Sexiest Song: Santana-"Samba Pa Ti"

Sure, “Samba Pa Ti” is the oldest song on this list, but it’s still got appeal! I’d splurge on the 3-disc box set Dance of the Rainbow Serpent to get several songs that can easily be used for just about any situation.


Top Sexiest Song: Betty Carter-"The Man I Love"

Betty Carter’s album Look What I Got! has several memorable songs for a sensual night, but I highly suggest “The Man I Love,” one of my favorites for an evening you’ll never forget. This track was originally sung by blues legend Billie Holliday, yet Carter manages to give it that slip-dropping effect, making it the ideal song for a long, steamy affair during a thunderstorm. The smooth saxophone meets her voice at just the perfect time for the piano to complete the romantic story she openly shares.


Top Sexiest Song: David Sanchez-"The Forgotten Ones"

David Sánchez is widely celebrated for his lovely Cultural Survival album, yet his seductive single “The Forgotten Ones” still manages to stand out from the rest because the composition is thoughtful and limitless. Isn’t that how we’d love for our partners to be when it comes to sexuality? If you’re feeling confident and highly energetic, put on “La Leyenda Del Cañaveral” which is 20 minutes long.




Top Sexiest Artist: Sade

Not sure where to begin because this sexy siren is simply Sade. If you can’t find the right music to set the mood you’re looking for, go straight for The Best of Sade. Make sure “Cherish The Day” is on your must-play list. Sure it’s an oldie, but it never fails to make beds shake.


Top Sexiest Artist: Ely Guerra

Ely Guerra’s Plug & Play is one of the few live albums that can instantly make temperatures rise with little effort. Her voice is raw, sultry, and pure, holding no emotions back while being vulnerable in front of an audience. For some inspiration to let your inhibitions run wild, play “No Quiero Hablar,” a captivating track that implies everything you’ll be feeling.


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