Fresh Beats: Rudo y Cursi Soundtrack

Fresh Beats: Rudo y Cursi Soundtrack

by Bianca I Laureano

If you still haven’t seen Rudo y Cursi starring Diego Luna and Gael Garcia Bernal, then we strongly suggest that you run to your nearest theater and watch one of our favorite films of the year. While soundtracks may not be the most memorable thing about a movie, this isn’t the case with Carlos Cuarón’s latest creation, making Rudo y Cursi a treat for all music lovers. His thoughtfully selected songs greatly influence the story of two half brothers and how their lives are forever changed in their native Mexico.

What you’ll find on the Rudo y Cursi soundtrack is an accurate depiction of what rural Mexico City is really like: a mash-up of sounds with so many layers and textures that one will want to discover over and over again. You’ll find a mix of genres that include Hip-Hop en Español, rancheras, ballads, and some Latino rock. This isn’t your typical blend of songs as each single is unique, and this includes the remakes of some favorite classics!

The first track from the Rudo y Cursi soundtrack will greet you by the official one-hit wonder that Cursi (Bernal) releases in the film, and it really is him singing! Following that song is a more audible remake in English that has a little punk feel to it (dare we say emo?). It‘s the 1977 hit “I Want You To Want Me” and you’ll get three versions that are all very different from each other. Listeners will also be pleasantly surprised with the inclusion of “Prefiero El Asfalto” by Mexican rapper Niña Dioz. It’s not often we get to hear a Latina leading the Hip-Hop community, and she represents well.

Aside from golden oldies, modern remakes, and some ghettotech flair from a Latina’s perspective, the Rudo y Cursi soundtrack has plenty of original, addicting tunes that can’t be ignored. “Amor Platonico” by Jovenes y Sexys has hints of lullaby nostalgia with an accordion that’s reminiscent of Julieta Venegas’ early work. A club beat with some synthesizing sounds can also be found on “Amor Del Cielo” by No Semos Machos….PSM. Audiences will feel as if they’re in a local Mexican discotheque, and it’s certainly a trip worth taking anytime. Something a little more on the house feel tip would be Disco Ruido!’s contribution of “Mi Amor Contiki,” which will instantly get you up on your feet and dancing.

If you’re looking for more heartfelt ballads in the Rudo y Cursi soundtrack, we highly recommend Juana Molina’s “Rudo y Cursi,” Adanowsky’s “Historia Sin Fin,” and Los Latigos’ “Besos y Caricias.” However, what’s an album for a film set in Mexico City without some regional cumbia and ranchera? “El Dolor De Micaela” by the Kumbia Queers is the token cumbia and “Arboles De La Barranca” by The Black Lips makes this a solid noteworthy collection of 17 songs that will continue to be on your playlist even after the movie is released on DVD.

There’s one thing that the Rudo y Cursi soundtrack brings, and that’s fusion, Latino style. How can we not fall in love with an album made by us for one of the best must-see films of the summer?

Check out Bernal's Spanish rendition of "I Want You To Want Me" here!


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