Fresh Beats: Novalima's Coba Coba

Fresh Beats: Novalima's Coba Coba

by Bianca I Laureano

What was the last album you listened to all the way through that you could share with your parents, or other older family members? I know it’s not often that I can get my parents to sit down and listen to some contemporary sounds, but that’s not the case with Coba Coba by Novalima. There is a little something for everyone in this album.

Novalima is a somewhat newly formed band hailing from Peru that has been devoted to the Afro-Peruvian sounds that are less than embraced. One thing I found intriguing about Novalima is their use of the word “collective” to describe the group formation of the four members. The use of this term gives me the impression that there is no “front man” and that each musician is valued in the same way to produce a specific sound. They each bring a specialization and expertise in various aspects of music, such as house and electronica beats, percussion, dub, and various Latin styles.

When I first heard Coba Coba’s 12 engaging tracks, I was reminded of several sounds I heard growing up. The lyrical content is laced with political and humanitarian messages, specific to the challenges of Peruvians of African decent. The first song to have such lyrics is “Libertá.” Then I heard the song “Ruperta/Puede Ser," a familiar track that refused to leave my mind. That memorable ballad was the Cuban Hip-Hop duo Obsesión who collaborated with Novalima on this album. If you want a song with a Caribbean salsa twist, “Mujer Ajena” will satisfy that desire. It’s no wonder that Novalima’s website discusses their sound hitting “you right in the heart with its mournful and emotive power.”

If you are looking for old-world melodies with a mix of something new, then make sure to give Novalima’s Coba Coba a try. The musicians are dedicated to something larger than making music and gaining celebrity status. It’s refreshing to have artists like Novalima create historically relevant and thought-provoking music that never misses a beat.

For more info on Novalima, click here.

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