The Top Anti-Love Songs

The Top Anti-Love Songs

by Bianca I Laureano

I may enjoy Valentine’s Day, but that doesn’t mean I’ve never felt lonely or just wanted to be alone on this so-called day of romance.  Many of my friends and I have celebrated the infamous “Single Awareness Day” together, which usually gives us all something to look forward to. You see, I’m following the wise words of Ernesto “Che” Guevara: “Let me say at the risk of seeming ridiculous that the true revolutionary is guided by great feelings of love.”

Alas, there are times when you just need a song that emphasizes your pain, anger, hurt, frustration, or newly founded feelings of liberation upon ending a relationship. With “divorce parties” being all the rage, what songs would affirm the complex and numerous feelings of love found and lost? Check out our top anti-love songs and albums:

Top Anti-Love Song #11: Anti Love: The Best of Betty Davis, by Betty Davis
Betty Davis’ album is the inspiration behind this play list, especially her “Anti Love Song.” You can’t go wrong with any of her albums as they have influenced many jazz, blues, funk, soul, and R&B musicians. What I most enjoy about Davis is her unapologetic tone in asking for what she wants, and then telling you why you can’t come back.


Top Anti-Love Song #10: Amores Perros Soundtrack
If “love’s a bitch” isn’t self-explanatory, what more can I say?



Top Anti-Love Song #9: Babies Makin’ Babies 2: Misery Strikes Back, by ?uestlove
Roots drummer and well known DJ ?uestlove compiles 12 songs that will help anyone ease their loneliness over a glass of wine. Including The Delfonics, The Average White Band, and Al Green, a good rest from all the pain is in order. After all, that is how some of us cope with sadness: listening to the same song on repeat while drowning ourselves in slumber.


Top Anti-Love Song #8: “El Triste,” Tribute to Jose Jose, by Julieta Venegas
Is it blasphemous to put a cover on a list like this? Regardless, Julieta brings this song home! Her voice is the perfect blend of anguish and desperation in this heartbreaking tune.



Top Anti-Love Song #7: “Call the Law,” Idlewild, by Outkast featuring A.Patton
If you’re feeling vengeful, this is your anthem! Not only will Outkast and A. Patton support your decision to leave a relationship (and stay gone!), but they will also resonate with those who feel that their partners aren’t giving them enough attention.


Top Anti-Love Song #6: “Te Equivocas,” Un Montón De Cosas, by Obsesión
There aren’t enough words to express how much I adore this song. This Cuban Hip-Hop duo’s first album is, like a great love, timeless. Magia’s lyrics are brutal at calling her man out on his negative machismo ways. If you need a song to reclaim your identity and body, this one is for you.  Find out more about them here.


Top Anti-Love Song #5: “Baby Please,” Feedback, by Jurassic 5
This Hip-Hop crew’s first commercially marketable album gives their audience some good beats and lyrics, especially for the fellas, so don’t expect any depressing ballads. Instead, we have a song about how some women lie about their pregnancies for a little bit of the J5 stash. Ultimately, it makes listeners wonder: why make babies when you can just have fun?


Top Anti-Love Song #4: “Solito Me Quede,” President Alien, by Yerba Buena
If there’s a band I would gladly play the tambourine in, it’s definitely Yerba Buena. Their first album has this fabulous song that gets your sad self on the dance floor. Who cares if you’re grooving by yourself when this melody is all about not taking anyone’s crap? Now that’s a song I’ll proudly get down to!


Top Anti-Love Song #3: “Go-Go Gadget Gospel,” St. Elsewhere, by Gnarls Barkley
Sometimes we just need a feel-good song to sing out loud to. What better track to choose than one that makes you yell, “I’m FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Look at me! Freedom in high fidelity?”


Top Anti-Love Song #2: “Si Te Vas,” Dónde Están los Ladrones?, by Shakira
Before Shakira “crossed over” and was lost in translation, both her look and lyrics were intense. It’s no wonder she was nicknamed “the Latina Alanis Morissette.” It’s a shame that we haven’t heard notes like these coming out of her mouth in years!


Top Anti-Love Song #11: Songs of Almodóvar, Various Artists
This is what I’m giving to all my homegirls as a Valentine’s Day gift. It’s the perfect mix of love and anti-love songs to fit anyone’s situation. Not to mention, the super campy melodies remind you why Almodóvar is the king of Spanish cinema!


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