The Anti-Soap on a Rope Gift Guide: Top 10 CDs for Father's Day

The Anti-Soap on a Rope Gift Guide: Top 10 CDs for Father's Day

by Bianca I Laureano

Each year I struggle to find a Father’s Day Card for my Papi that isn’t too cheesy or sappy; and every year I find one and have to cross out the word “dad” or “father” or with the Spanish language cards “Papa.” This year, not only am I making my own home grown card, but also I’m on a mission to find a great stack of CDs that will have my Papi enjoying the summer.

But I’m not just shopping for my Papi, we’ve all got other men in our lives that are fathers and we can’t forget them. Most of the Papi’s in my life are avid music lovers and musicians. Gift giving can be intimidating to such music connoisseurs. If your Papis are just as savvy, this list of CD’s (in no particular order) may alleviate the stress that comes with shopping for a good Dia de los Padres Gift.

Top CD for Father's Day #10: Omar Sosa Afreecanos
Everything Omar Sosa creates is gold! Omar’s bash of the African Diasporas in Latin and jazz music are eloquent and soothing. “Lyade” and “D’son” are stunning. If you’re around NYC treat both of you to one of Omar’s numerous performances at the Blue Note.


Top CD for Father's Day #9: “The Wire: And All The Pieces Matter” Original Soundtrack  
If the father in your life is still going through “The Wire” withdrawal, this can help ease the pain. With clips from the series and essential songs that will jog the memory of any “Wire” fan, this CD includes Baltimore club hits, funk, blues, country, and hip-hop. At the end of the day, who doesn’t want to be told that “the king stay the king”?


Top CD for Father's Day #8: David Sanchez Cultural Survival
If the adjective to describe the Latin jazz lover in your life is “insatiable,” David’s new release will curb his voracious appetite. Hallmark tracks include the title track and “Ay Bendito.”



Top CD for Father's Day #7: Across the Universe Original Soundtrack
I’ll admit I waited to see this film when it came out on DVD, and I regret that. This soundtrack made the cut because if your Papi is like mine, he migrated to the US in the 70s without knowing a lick of English and learned by listening to the Beatles, there’s a special spot in his heart for these songs that will make him nostalgic.


Top CD for Father's Day #6: Orishas Antidiotico aka: Orisha’s Greatest Hits
If your Papi is into hip-hop Cubano or hip-hop en Español or hip-hop period, this should hold your Papi over until their fourth album is released in the US on the 17th.


Top CD for Father's Day #5: Omar Rodriguez-Lopez and Jeremy Michael Ward
For the man who is all about The Mars Volta, experimentation, and innovation, this self-titled CD is a godsend. Hypnotic sounds are their forte and this CD is the proof.

Top CD for Father's Day #4: Kassin +2 Futurismo
For the man who you made a Papi, this dose of bossa nova, funk, samba, and electronic produce a relaxing and straight up fun album. With songs like “Agua” and “Homen Ao Mar” it should come as no surprise when the entire CD makes you want to drive with the top down and head to the beach. 


Top CD for Father's Day #3: In The Heights 2-CD Soundtrack by the Original Cast
If you can’t make it to Broadway to see the musical this is the next best thing. If your Papa is the king of one-liners, this is these tracks will give him more material to work with. With catchy oh-so-true lines like the pigüero who sings: “I keep scraping by” this soundtrack has it all: merengue, salsa, hip hop, reggaeton and spoken word.

Top CD for Father's Day #2: Manu Chau La Radiolina
Latin Grammy Award winner, politically conscious, and a mash-up of genres, you can’t go wrong. Visit the Politik Kills website ( ) and tap into your inner DJ to make and upload your own remix of the song. Be careful, you can spend hours at this site!


Top CD for Father's Day #1: Aubade: Sensualidad
Yes it is true, the French lingerie company, Aubade, released a compilation of salsa, merengue, and son that is sure to please in more than one way. The selected songs produce a rustic, potent, and rhythmic mood that are sure to make your Papi happy.




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